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Caption This: Jerry Jones and Mark Cuban at the NBA All Star game

Apologies for the lack of material thus far today at the site.  I was out for a friend's birthday last night and it got a bit ugly by the end of the night.  Given that I thought we'd go with something light today.  Up till now our Caption This contests have only involved the 49ers.  However, given that things are completely quiet at this point in the offseason, I thought we'd mix in something else that is so clearly asking to be mocked.

The 2010 NBA All Star Game was in Dallas this year, hosted by Mavericks owner Mark Cuban.  As has been the case of late for any event in Dallas, Jerry Jones wanted to help host the event at his personal temple, also known as his new football stadium.  Once again another attendance record was set in the building as the game played host to 108,713 fans, setting the record for most people to ever watch a basketball game.

I'm not a huge NBA fan, but I enjoy checking out games on occasion.  I cannot even begin to imagine what it must be like to watch such a game in the cheap seats.  Football is ok from the nosebleed seats because it's a fairly big field and you can generally see enough of what's going in.  Basketball is significantly smaller.  A regulation basketball court is 94 feet in length, so not even 1/3 that of a football field.

I'm sure we can come up with some good captions, although it might be a bit more difficult with not much happening in the picture.  It took place during a timeout in the 4th quarter of the game itself.

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