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Where are they now part 4: The Wide Receivers

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Recently the NFL Network ran a special that they called "The Top Wide Receiver Corps of All Time". Of course we'd expect to see Jerry Rice and John Taylor up there but the shocker is where they ended up at. Jerry Rice was just selected as a first-ballot Hall of Famer and the other is a very underrated John Taylor. Here's the list of the NFL's top 10 WR corps of all time according to NFLN

10. Colts- Harrison, Wayne, Clark,James
9. Vikings- Moss, Carter, Reed
8. Redskins- Clark, Monk, Sanders
7. Dolphins- Clayton, Duper
6. 70's Raiders Corps
5. 60's Redskins Corps
4. 80's 49ers- Taylor, Rice
3. 50's Rams
2. Greatest Show on Turf- Bruce, Holt, Faulk
1. Chargers- Joyner, Jefferson, Winslow, Chandle

Join me after the jump as we talk about what John Taylor and Jerry Rice have been up to since their playing days and why they were only the 4th best WR corps of all time.

Jerry Rice

Rice smashed all sorts of college records but his slow 40 time (reportedly 4.71) had many scouts worried about him. Nonetheless there were two teams that wanted him in the draft, the Dallas Cowboys and the San Francisco 49ers. The 49ers had the last pick, the Cowboys had the #17 pick. The 49ers engineered a trade to move up to #16 and snatched Rice before the Cowboys could get him. Rice would go on to smash all sorts of records, becoming the best WR to ever play the game and some argue that he's the best player to ever play. Life after football has been pretty busy for him. 

In 2010 Jerry Rice was selected to the NFL Hall of Fame in a class of just seven players (2 "senior" and 5 modern). He was a first round ballot choice as was Emmitt Smith. 

In 2005 Rice competed on Dancing With the Stars, making it all the way to the finals before losing out to Drew Lachey.


Rice has also made numerous guest appearances on tv shows including, Fox's Don't Forget the Lyrics; Spike TV's Joes vs Pros; CW's One Tree Hill; and The Biggest Loser. Rice has co-authored two books about his life. Rice and Go Long!: My Journey Beyond the Game and the Fame.  Rice currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. He has three children, Jaqui Bonet (b. June 7, 1987), Jerry Jr. (b. July 27, 1991), and Jada Symone (b. May 16, 1996). He is considering stepping into the broadcasting booth. Jerry Jr committed to UCLA and is planning on walking on to the football team there. 

Rice cohosts the Sirius radio show The Afternoon Blitz

Jerry Rice has an official website Jerry Rice Football

Rice has also made comments about wanting to help out the current crop of 49er receivers which would be incredibly awesome.

While looking around at various sites I saw this photoshopped picture of Rice.


John Taylor


Taylor didn't have as guady a career as Rice did but he was a very solid #2 guy during the 80s. His greatest career moment was catching the winning touchdown in Super Bowl XXIII vs the Bengals with 34 seconds left on the clock. Taylor averaged just over 16 yards per reception and was also valuable on the return game. He retired in 1995 after allegations of cocaine use which he denies. 

He's lived a quiet life since then preferring to avoid the limelight. After getting out of football he started a trucking company which he named after himself calling it the J.T. Taylor trucking company. He prefers to do most of the driving himself, though at one point he did have five employees.

During his playing days he was an avid video gamer and pool shark.

He has two daughters, the oldest Jonnelle attends Delaware State and the youngest attends Utah State. He still lives in the Bay area.

Here's a great article from the SI vault from 1995 about Taylor. Well worth reading

On A Roll

Here's the touchdown catch from the Super Bowl