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Golden Nuggets: Oh yeah... 49ers.

Morning, morning folks. Not sure what I have for you today, all I've really thought about today concerning football is the release of LT and how I absolutely do not want the 49ers as his landing spot under any circumstances. A great player at one time and a for-sure hall of famer, but not what the Niners need at this current time. Also, I was waiting to see which of the beat writers would be the sarcastic one and say something along the lines of 'LT being Lawrence Taylor.' Which is totally a lame thing to say and it ended up being Barrows to my brother of all people. Nice. Anyway, I'm gonna get to whatever links I have for you.

Hey cool... 49ers offensive line was the worst in the league this past season. Wait.. that's not cool. That's not cool at all. (

What to do with LB Ahmad Brooks? I hope the 49ers retain him but I really think it needs to be for the right price. (

Maiocco continues his position profile, looking at the offensive line. (