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Golden Nuggets: What have you done for me lately?

So yesterday the 49ers made it official in the tagging of NT Aubrayo Franklin. Both sides hope to get a long term deal done, or at least that's what the word on the street is. I like that we tagged him, and I hope the team gets a long term deal put to paper but part of me is really tentative on the matter. Franklin only has had one really good season so far, the season before was abysmal, you know? What if he comes in this coming season and takes a proverbial [site decorum] all over the defense? To be honest, I'd much rather have him doing said business on an offense. It'd be a shame to start guaranteeing him dollars he'll not have to work for in the future as he did this past season. Still, I guess we should look at it from a 'what have you done for me lately' perspective and he has indeed been good for us lately. Let's get the deal done then, eh? On to your links, of which there are few.

As stated, the 49ers put the franchise tag on NT Aubrayo Franklin. (

Be sure to check out the 49ers Combine Central at the official website, though I daresay we may have some better coverage here. What's that? I'm a homer? Get over it, buddy. (

Here's what appears to be a Mike Mayock conference call with the 49ers, but I'm unable to listen presently. (

A look at some of the upcoming free agent defensive tackles... which is kind of an odd thing to do considering the franchising of Aubrayo Franklin, but his content is always good so... don't question me. (

Apparently the Rams would be open to trading the first overall pick. Problem? I don't think anyone wants it. (