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Golden Nuggets: Laaaame.

So this turned out to be an awful night. Why? Because the first article I stumbled across was the building of a stadium in Oakland. A football stadium... for two teams. I just can't do it, honestly. I'm a season ticket holder, but I can't see myself going to Oakland. Can't see it. I won't go there for 49ers games. Sharing the Santa Clara stadium is bad enough, but going to Oakland seals it. That's at least one season ticket holder the team will easily lose if they go through with this. I guess I'm coming off as sort of elitist right now, but I think shared stadiums are just awful. I want my teams' stadium to proudly show off MY TEAM. I look at the 'Stick and I'm filled with pride and and so many things. But to have a red/gold/black/silver stadium.. I wouldn't be able to look at it that way, not at all. I'll stop my ranting and get to your links, but this has all left a bad taste in my mouth.

Here's the stadium article. Ugh. (

Yep, the question of the 49ers offensive line definitely need to be answered this offseason. (

More looks at offensive tackles.. and yes, Adam Snyder, you did give it your best. But 9.5 sacks? Yeah, ride the bench. (

Barrows takes a look at... you guessed it, offensive tackles that could be around when the 49ers pick. (

Maiocco is heading to the scouting combine and hopes to provide some good content for all his readers (that's us as well ya know.) Side note, has anyone gotten used to the look of his blog yet? I still haven't. Dislike. (

He also answers some reader questions. (

Cool, Vernon Davis will be doing the USO tour and visiting with the troops. (

Make sure to check out Mocking the Draft's NFL Scouting Combine page, with linkage to our fine little site here. (