Official NFL Scouting Combine Discussion Thread

For the folks who enjoy crazy 40 times, and for those folks intrigued by the likes of CJ Spiller, Toby Garhart, and numerous potential punt and kick return men, today might be the biggest day of the combine.  The running backs, wide receivers and quarterbacks get to workout.

The NFL Network will be airing coverage starting at 8am pacific time.  Since we've got this open thread for the Combine, I thought I'd move it to the front page for folks to discuss today's workouts.

One player who needs a decent 40 time to boost his draft stock has to be Garhart.  He's a bulldozer who would seem to need to show even a modicum of additional speed at this point.

In the meantime, we've got a few Combine links for you.  The NFL has a variety of combine videos worth checking out.  Additionally, SB Nation has managed to get credentials for a few of our bloggers.  Peter Bean (UT blogger) provided this extensive update yesterday.  Additionally folks from our Texans blog, Chiefs blog, Bengals blog, and Titans blog were all in attendance.  So check those sites out for some additional coverage.

THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 25TH -- I don't really have much to say on the Combine yet because not much has happened yet (as far as drills are concerned). Some of the interviews and mental tests have started to take place but scouts aren't going to do much judging on how a player holds their pencils.

The purpose of this thread is to bring ALL combine discussions in to one place. Once we start getting some of the actual physical performance results, I will be adding those and updating them as they come in. Much llike smileyman is doing with the free agent transactions, I will try and do the same with this specific thread.

Coach Singletary was interviewed this morning on NFL Network and as usual kept things pretty vague in terms of giving any answers or providing us fans any insight as to what may be going on behind the scenes.

Getting this out now, will give us chance to jump start the conversations before the physical performances. One of the main topics that the sporting networks have been talking about are the lack of quarterbacks who are deciding not to throw. Sam Bradford, Tim Tebow, Jimmy Clausen, Colt McCoy, and now Dan LeFevour have all decided not to throw in the drills and throw at their Pro Days instead. With the exception of Sam Bradford and Jimmy Clausen, I think the other quarterbacks should be throwing; especially Tim Tebow. I believe if you get an invite to the Combine and decide to go, you should be made to participate in ALL events, not just pick and choose the ones you think you may do the best at.


Author's Note: As the comments begin to fill up, I wanted to remove all the links to the individual players as it will slow the thread down a bit. If you click the link above, it will open a seperate window and take you to the results page. Thanks for your participation in this thread.

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