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Golden Nuggets: Big players are best?

Hey there folks. Not sure what I've got for you today because I'm in a bit of a hurry but I'm sure I have plenty. Players have been arriving in Indy for the scouting combine, getting measured and prepping for drills so I'm certain I'll have some of that for you. 49ers also had a press conference, which I didn't get a chance to read up on yet so I'll be learning along with all of you. Only football stuff I dealt with yesterday was catching Singletary on NFL Total Access in between watching tennis. (My guy lost, life sucks) So I'm gonna just get to your links, enjoy folks.

On Total Access at the Combine Singletary said that Alex Smith 'is the guy.' I hate saying that, but I really hope he proves me wrong and does well. (

McCloughan isn't one to budge on his ideals--he likes big players. What scares me in this article is 'Glen Coffee is the heir apparent.' I can see Coffee being a good back, I just can't see him being... a very good back. (

Even if there is an uncapped season, the 49ers don't figure to break the bank. That's totally stupid, and I hope it's just coach/GM speak because frontloading some contracts would be nice. (

Jump for links.

Here's the combine Q&A with McCloughan from the press conference. (

And the Q&A with Singletary from the same press conference. (

Potential first round pick for the 49ers Trent Williams says it'll be his decision whether or not he makes it to a training camp. Good stuff. (

Bulaga... definitely a guy I wish I could get. Says he likes to go after it. (

Will the 49ers get a change of pace running back? I hope they do, but I guess it's all about where we take him. I still say Spiller would be a great pick, but it all depends on who's available at the time. (

Iupati says he likes to destroy people. Nice, but he's a definite reach in the first at the Niners picks. (