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Golden Nuggets: All for Sproles

Morning NN, how's everyone doing today? I'm not doing bad, myself, just over-worked and slightly exhausted but I'm going to work on providing more complete links in the coming days as combine starts up. I'm over Verdasco losing in tennis and back having the 49ers on my mind and the combine definitely has me thinking. At times I find the draft to be vastly more exciting than say, Super Bowl time. Is that like, a football sin or something? Either way I can't see this draft going bad for the 49ers, there's just so much talent it's looking completely stacked through the first twenty picks--and the Niners hold two of said picks inside the twenty. Short of reaching for someone or picking Tebow, I don't see how the team can't come out vastly improved. But I'll stop yammering, make sure you make the jump for more linkage. Later on, folks!

Now lately I've been advocating drafting Spiller in the first round and I still think it wouldn't be a horrible move but I've recently changed my tone. Why? Because Darren Sproles is available. Maiocco sides with me on this one and says Sproles makes perfect sense for the 49ers. I see in the comments someone said "Well Spiller makes more sense" and I'm inclined to agree--if the prices were the same, I'd take Spiller in a heartbeat, but their not the same are they? If the team signs Darren Sproles (a proven return commodity and a solid change of pace back) they can spend that first round pick on the offensive line or the secondary. If the team gets Spiller, they get someone who is as of now unproven and have to hope that Williams or Iupati are still available with their next pick. I like ranting. (

A couple of the Niners' coaches will be working with some of the players in the scouting combine drills. Great that Solari is one of them. (

Lynch of the Chronicle makes a good point about the 49ers needs in their secondary, but makes a laughable comment about the offensive line becoming more proficient at run blocking last season. I'm sorry, but even if Danny comes in here and throws stats at me, the line was terrible in run blocking this past season and I think everyone (but Lynch) knows it. Still, a good point about the secondary. (

I snickered when I read this, and I'm sure that's all Maiocco posted this article for. Dez Bryant says he'll "most likely" report to training camp on time. Check his agent. (

Don't sleep on the 49ers in 2010. This is the kind of article I can get behind. This guy likes the 49ers to head to the playoffs this coming season and I'm inclined to agree. (SportsIllustrated)

The 49ers are eying the offensive line at the combine. They had better be, because we can't have Adam Snyder handing over coupons to the tune of 9.5 free sacks again. (

Maiocco takes a look at some of the prospects on the offensive line as well. I'm liking virtually all of these guys, to be honest. I just hope the team doesn't have to settle for a reach and select Iupati with the 17th overall choice. I just REALLY for once would like a player who can come in and for SURE play right tackle instead of grabbing yet another guy who is "versatile" but manages to give up 9.5 sacks regardless of position. (Read versatile as: Adam Snyder, Tony Wragge) (

Lynch gives a run-down of the media session McCloughan and Singletary had a couple days ago. (

A look at how the 49ers will stack their draft board. (

Here's a Yahoo Team Report just because they're always a decent read, a nice update. Sometimes not so nice depending on how the 49ers are doing, though. (

Carolina "lost" the coin toss and that means the 49ers will be picking at 13 and 17 in the first round. Carolina really didn't "lose" because that means they will be picking at sixteen in the second round (switching with the 16th in the first... etc) (

What do you know, an article about Tebow and his charm. No, no no no no no. Get my stance on the matter? Good. (

More about Tebow and his holy quest or whatever. (

Singletary says Smith is 'the guy' going into 2010. (

One of Sando's readers clarifies Singletary's statement and simplifies it to this: "I'm OK with him until I'm not." Couldn't have said it better myself. (

Charlie Casserly, a man I rarely agree with and think talks just to hear himself sound intelligent, says QB is clearly a need for the 49ers. Not that I disagree with him here, or anything. (

So the CJ Spiller bandwagon may have hit a bump recently, what with McCloughan hammering home the point of liking bigger players. Not sure I agree with such a one-sided approach, but we'll see what happens. (

A look at whether ANY of the running backs the 49ers could consider even measure up to McCloughan's lofty size requirements. Get it, lofty? (

Here's yesterday's combine blog from the official website. (

McCloughan recently received praise from his mentor, Ted Thompson. (

Check out this SBNation blog of the combine, he talks about Singletary and McCloughan, having viewed their media sessions live. A good read all-around, professional stuff. (

What would you think about the 49ers getting Golden Tate in the second round? Returner maybe? (

The team is very excited the way the assistant coach hirings went this offseason. I am too, as far as Solari is concerned, I think he'll be great with the team. (

I don't know how much I agree with what this guy says (ie the Faithful aren't exactly screaming for Spiller) but what about getting Best in the second round for change of pace/returner? (

Barrows has some doubts about Best and his inclination to get concussions on a regular basis. Sorry, we already have Michael Lewis. (

More speculation and more support for the 49ers to get Darren Sproles. (

Over at our resident Rams blog, they too are considering the proposition of Darren Sproles. Screw that, the little guy gives me nightmares when I think about defending him. (

The Cardinals recently extended their coach Ken Whisenhunt, and also GM Rod Graves. (

Told you guys I was gonna try and make the links more complete today. Hurray for linkage.