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New user-created NFL Draft Trade Value Chart

One of the more controversial random aspects of the NFL Draft is the trade value chart that floats around.  For every source there are often subtle differences (see Draft Countdown versus ESPN).  However, in general there is a consensus on these picks.

Well, I wanted to point you to a new draft chart someone created over at Big Cat Country, that contains some fairly big revisions.  Why would someone take the time to re-do the draft chart?  As SoCalStites stated:

With changes in the NFL over the last few years, specifically in the rookie salaries and depth of rookie classes, this generic chart has become outdated.

In fact, according to the old chart the teams trading up won their trades 7 out of the first 8 times in the draft. This obviously indicates that the higher picks have been devalued in recent years.

In order to revise the chart, he took draft day trades and adjusted the chart values to make various apparently lopsided trades look more even.  The downside to basing these revisions on previous trades is that we cannot get into the heads of the GMs doing the dealing.  There might be financial considerations, particularly for deals involving first round picks.  A team doesn't think the necessary value is there so they don't want to give out the slotted contract value, and thus they give up the pick for less than they might normally do.

Nonetheless, we don't really see many mainstream challenges to the status quo of the trade value chart.  So, even if you disagree with the revisions, at least somebody is trying to shake things up a bit.  Do you agree with the revisions?  If not, what do you see as potential problems with this new chart?