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Golden Nuggets: Fraternizing with the potential enemy

Fooch's Note: Don't forget to check out our open thread for today's combine activities (RB, WR, QB drills)

So we're just a day into combine drills and I'm already crazy excited for the draft. I mean, my primary thought is still Darren Sproles, and I'll defend my logic of the 49ers being absolutely insane if they don't target the guy. Still, I guess a lot of people disagree with me and that's fine, I can see the skepticism and it's definitely justified. I wasn't very impressed with any of the tight ends yesterday, none of them even seemed like real first round talent. I mean, not that the 49ers were looking for a TE that early--if the team looks for one it'll be in the blocking capacity and it'll be much later in the draft, talking sixth round status. Either way, we've got more combine stuff today and I can't wait. Had a ton of links (almost thirty) yesterday and I'm hoping to give you as much as possible tonight as well. Enjoy.

Alex Smith gave a potential division rival advice when he helped Sam Bradford with his shoulder surgery in the form of advice, having went through a similar operation. (

Although I think he'd be a great fit here, I do agree with this logic that Sproles may not be right for the price for the 49ers. (

Had some pretty fast guys in the 40 yesterday. Oh wait we're not the Raiders blog, who cares? (

Here's yesterday's combine blog from the official website. (

Barrows really likes C.J. Spiller and talks a bit about Toby Gerhart--they're set to run their 40s today. (

Maiocco takes a close look at the aforementioned Spiller and all that he can bring to the table. (

Iupati probably isn't as impact-ready as one might think at guard and more than likely isn't an NFL right tackle. Sando thinks the Cardinals should take him later in the first , so I don't want the 49ers reaching for him. (

I can't wait for the first time the 49ers play against Dexter McCluster. I just want to see what making Patrick Willis look silly looks like. (

Could a nose tackle be on the 49ers radar? That's an interesting prospect, to be sure... (

So.. Bruce Campbell, anyone? I obviously don't want the 49ers to take him with one of their picks.. you never want to fall in love with someone at the combine. If he wasn't on the board before, he shouldn't be now. (

I'm afraid the 49ers will pass up some good players with their whole "big players" philosophy. (