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USA vs. Canada: 2010 Olympic Gold Medal Game

I know not everybody here is a hockey fan, and I also know that we have a broad range of nationalities here at Niners Nation.  Nonetheless, given the significance of today's gold medal hockey game between the United States and Canada, I thought it'd be fun to have an open thread for those watching the game.  I'm at school until 1 so I'll probably miss the first period and maybe some of the second period.  However, once I get home I'll be flipping on the game.

I'm definitely not a big hockey fan, but when the Olympics role around, national pride makes it a bit easier to enjoy some of these events.  Whether you're a hockey fan or not, the environment should be incredibly intense.  This is the ultimate road game for the American team.  While they did pull the upset in the preliminary round of games, the medal round is a whole different beast.

We'll have this thread open, and SB Nation will have a general open thread for the game.