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Golden Nuggets: Good job, Frank.

Morning everyone.. Writing this in between uh... sleeping. Yeah, woke up a few minutes ago and thought to myself "better check and make sure Fooch got my email..." Turns out, I never sent the damn thing. I needed to sleep early for certain reasons, etc etc. Either way I'm here, I've got some beer, get used to it. Anywaaaay. I've got some links concerning Porter, whom says he wants to play for the 49ers, which I guess is cool. As far as other articles, I've got a decent amount for you. Oddly enough, at this time last offseason I seem to recall posting maybe one or two links per day, I guess that's pretty cool that there seems to be more this time around, or at least I'm paying more attention. That being said I need to get back to sleep so here's a link or two or six for you. Enjoy 'em while they last.

Hey, cool, I didn't know they took this off. I happened to watch it. Something Frank Gore said made the league remove his interview from MJD from the Jaguars. Good stuff. (

Here's a general article, answering some reader questions and a good bit about my ex-favorite 49ers, LB Jeff Ulbrich. (

Yep, you heard right. Joey Porter wants to play for the 49ers--or at least, one of three teams in this area. (

Kurt Warner's retirement signifies a power shift in the NFC West--or at least that's how some people see it. (

Barrows continues to look at players that may be in the Niners' draft pool. (

The 49ers current money may be better spent retaining their own players as opposed to spending big in the free agent market. Huge agree, here. (

A pretty good article about LB Ahmad Brooks. I seriously hope this guy can be something special... he's pretty good in my Madden franchise. Anybody? No? Alright. (

The Cardinals blog is speculating about Joey Porter as well. Do not want him there, that's for sure. (

What does everyone think of Atogwe? His future in St. Louis is unclear and earlier in the season I definitely wanted him on the 49ers--bad. But now I'm thinking Dashon Goldson might be legit, so... Thoughts? (

Here's a list of all the players invited to the NFL Scouting Combine. (