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Golden Nuggets: Put 'em in, I say.

Mooorning everybody, Ninjames here checking in for my last Nuggets... for the next couple days. Had you going there, no? How many people started crying and how many started celebrating? Either way I've asked Fooch to step in for me for the next few days on the Nuggets while I sort out some of the more.. complicated aspects in the world of Ninjames. As for um.. oh yeah, as for links, I have a couple for you today, though not as much as I'd hoped. I'm doing them a bit earlier than usual so I may have missed a couple of the later ones so apologies for that. As always, if you come across something I missed (pfft, never happens) go ahead and post it up in the comments and ridicule me unmercifully for missing something. Aaaanyway, here's some links.

Barrows points out some players that may be available when the 49ers pick that may be great players, but wouldn't be a good fit with the 49ers. (

Paraag Marathe received a promotion. (

An ex-49er makes some compelling arguments for a couple of other ex-49ers and why they should make the hall of fame. I completely agree. (

The team gave an assistant coach permission to interview with another team. Not a big loss. (

The 49ers are having discussions with the people representing LB Ahmad Brooks for a contract extension. Good move. (

Wow. The Niners have spent more than $350,000 on their Santa Clara stadium campaign. (

Ask a player: Shawntae Spencer. (

So what about McNabb? Or Marhsall? Or Vick? Or Kolb? Ehh? (