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100 in 100: Mike Iupati (24 of 100)

In the Senior Bowl Recap that I had written earlier in the week, Mike Iupati was one of the guys whose stock fell a bit. Roughly fifty percent of the time it seemed as though Iupati was being out-matched. This could be one of those scenarios that playing against lessor competition inflated a players capabilities. It also could just be one of those scenarios that the guy had a bad game. In any case, Iupati will need to crank up the volume once he reaches the NFL if he wants to start. There is always a learning curve no matter what the position is at the pro-level.

Iupati was an Outland Trophy Finalist this past season and for the most part dominated the competition for a majority of the regular season.

Below, we'll take a look at some of Iupati's accomplishments and the projections of where he could go...

Iupati demonstrates here that he uses his hands very well and stays in front of his man very well. As the commentators mention, Iupati will be playing against a much higher level in the NFL. He has a good frame and good movement. It will, to say the least, be interesting to see how his game translates to the next level.





Typically Guards don't go very high in the draft and after Iupati's outing at the Senior Bowl, he may have not moved up any on anybody's boards. I think that he will be drafted in the 1st Round but now it will be later rather than sooner. He will more than likely be drafted in the second half of the 1st on Day 1.

Possibilities -- 1st Round; Picks 16-32.


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