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Golden Nuggets: A whole lot of Ray Brown

Things remain relatively quiet for the 49ers, but there was plenty of discussion about the hiring of Ray Brown.  In case you haven't noticed, we've started mixing in more links from our 3 divisional blogs: Turf Show Times, Field Gulls, and Revenge of the Birds.  I realize many of you may not care to visit the sites of other teams.  However, I figure during the offseason it's useful to get some info on those other teams, so we can be better prepared as the season approaches.  During the season, non-49er links will be primarily from their opponent that week.  However, in the offseason, when things are fairly quiet, we'll keep mixing in some other sites.  Hope you enjoy it.

Steve Young still calls plays - for his kids (

Niner Insider : 49ers Welcome Ray Brown (

Return to 49ers hits Brown on a personal level (Maiocco)

Position Profile: Running Backs (Maiocco)

Alex Smith knows what's wrong with the 49ers offense (Barrows)

Niners hire Ray Brown, sign a tight end (Barrows)

We've got a mix of links after the jump...

Brown Named Assistant O-Line Coach (

49ers Sign TE Curtis and CB Smith (

Brown Ready to 'Impact' 49ers O-Line (

49ers hire Ray Brown as assistant offensive line coach (SJ Mercury News)

Sizing up NFC West coaching staffs (Sando -

Podcasts: Montana, Clark on 'The Catch' (Sando -

Walt Harris eager to return from injury (Sando -

Catching up with Watters, NFC West alumni (Sando -

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Is there a lead horse in the race to buy the Rams? (Turf Show Times)

Fixing the Pass Rush, Part Three: Winning (Field Gulls)