NinersNation Prop Bets: Place Your Bets!

Fooch's Note: Don't forget to get your Super Bowl pick in as well.

So I'll print out a sheet and do my best to score these on Sunday, but today let's get the bets in! No money on the table. No risk involved. If you win, you can buy yourself a beer. I know I'll buy myself one! So now the odds are set and all there is left to do is set your bets. Here's the props.

Prop 1: Number of Egregious Broadcaster Mistakes: 2.5
Prop 2: Number of Times that Jim Caldwell's Colts' Sacrificed Bid for a Perfect Season is Mentioned (3.0)
Prop 3: Number of Times that Brett Favre Gets Mentioned (3.5)
Prop 4: Number of Time "Who Dat" is Mentioned During the Actual Game (5.5)
Prop 5: Number of Times Jim Caldwell is Shown on Camera Displaying Actual Human Emotions (1.5)

So use this thread to place your bets. Over or under on each? I'll let you know how it turns out on Monday... ish.

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