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Super Bowl Sunday: What else needs to be said?

The 2009 NFL season reaches its grand finale later this afternoon when Super Bowl XLIV will go down between the AFC champion Indianapolis Colts and NFC champion New Orleans Saints.  For the first time since 1993, the two #1 seeds are meeting for the Lombardi Trophy.

We're actually going to be trying something new for the Super Bowl.  Normally we'd post a general open thread for discussion.  This year, SB Nation wants to try and get everybody across the network's football sites into one thread to see how big a discussion they can get going.  We'll have more about that later this afternoon, including a link to the thread.

For now though, I'm curious about the traditions people take part in on Super Bowl Sunday.  Recently I've basically just watched the Super Bowl with friends.  It hasn't been the same set of friends each year, but more just whomever is having a Super Bowl party.  However, when I was a kid I remember every year we'd watch it at one person's house, and there would be a touch football game out on the street at halftime.

I don't remember many specifics, but I do have one particular memory.  I remember scoring a touchdown using a version of the fumblerooski.  I was the center hiking the ball.  I went to hike, but held onto the ball while the QB dropped back pretending to have the ball.  People scattered and I held onto the ball and ran it in for a touchdown.  Not sure why that's one of the few such memories, but it remains ingrained in my head.

Does anybody else have any particular tradition you take part in every Super Bowl Sunday?