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The Offseason ahead at Niners Nation...

The 49ers and Niners Nation have been in the offseason for a month now.  Such is what happens when you can't do better than 8-8.  That's the way life goes.  However, with the completion of the Super Bowl, and the Pro Bowl being moved to last week, NFL football is officially complete for approximately six months (hopefully that doesn't send anybody to the ledge!).

Since we're now fully into the offseason, I thought I'd give a rundown of some of the things we've got planned here at Niners Nation for the offseason.  Furthermore, I'd like to open the floor for ideas anybody has for the kind of coverage they'd like to see at Niners Nation over the next five or six months.

The addition of smileyman and drummer will bring all sorts of new ideas to the table.  Smileyman will be posting fairly frequently, with an assortment of topics to keep you informed and entertained.  He'll be doing a regular "Where Are They Now?" feature that looks at 49ers of the past and what they're up to now.  On Fridays he'll be doing a regular book and/or movie review feature he's calling "Friday Night Fun."  This past Friday he discussed one book's list of the top 25 sports movies of all time (plenty of disagreement to be had).  On Wednesday's he'll be discussing a variety of topics ranging from the CBA to some statistical analysis to whatever else might be on his mind.

Our other new front page writer is drummer.  He's working on a post right now dealing with the importance of this offseason for the 49ers.  He won't be focusing on specific topics at this point, but more just various topics that he wants to write about.  Additionally, he and smileyman will cover the front page when I'm out of town or away from my computer.

During the season, Josh Branco gave us some more insight about the rest of the league, as he put together preview pieces for each weekend's slate of games.  During the offseason, he's going to continue to try and keep us informed about the rest of the league through free agency and the draft.  If the timing is right, he'll be taking a look at each of the 49ers 2010 opponents and what their needs are heading into free agency and the draft.  As they fill holes (or lose players), he'll provide us with updates.  Although it won't involve the 49ers specifically, I think it's incredibly helpful to know what's going on with the 49ers various opponents.  Hopefully you'll get something out of those articles.

After the jump we run through a few more features we'll be running throughout the offseason.  As always, head into the comments if you have any suggestions for our offseason coverage.

Drew K will continue to be our source for all things related to the 49ers and the 2010 NFL Draft.  We're a little over a quarter of the way through our 100 in 100 posts and there is some great information in those posts to get us ready for the draft.

SB Nation has 240 or so blogs related to a multitude of sports, teams and colleges.  While I know everybody here loves the 49ers, I'm sure we all have our other sports loves.  For me, I'm a huge UNLV fan, so I've become a frequent visitor, and part-time writer, over at MWC Connection.  SB Nation is expanding at a steady pace, and I guarantee you there's at least one blog out there you'd want to check out.  So, in order to better inform everybody about the network, Ninjames will be putting together a weekly feature that takes a look at a different SB Nation blog.  We've got MMA blogs, a tennis blog, a golf blog, an expanding group of soccer blogs, and we've got representatives for every single team in the big 4 of professional sports.  So we'll provide some details on the many blogs out there.

And of course I won't be going anywhere this offseason (minus a week-long vacation in Mexico in March!).  I'll have plenty of day-to-day coverage.  I'll be around to provide predictions when the schedule comes out, project the 53-man roster many times over, and even throw in some practice squad projections.  Good times for all.

So, if you'd like to see more, go ahead and suggest away.  If there's a feature you have in mind, you could even get it started as your own FanPost (similar to how Drew got started with the mock draft threads).  There's something for everyone here at Niners Nation.