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Golden Nuggets: Pretty good game.. oh and I'm back.

Aaaand I'm back. Thanks to Fooch for covering for me the past three days, I had to take some time to get past certain things, work on some stuff... etc. Basically my vacation, I suppose. I took a bit of time and now all is as well as it can be in the world of Ninjames and I'm back on your daily links and what not. That's the good (awesome) news. The bad news is I don't really have a whole lot of 49ers links for you today. Regardless, the Super Bowl was yesterday (did you hear?!) and it was a pretty good game. I've already been to both the Saints and the Colts blog (there is a seriously huge amount of butthurt on both sides) and congratulated the winners and patted the losers on the back. It was a good game, not as good as the last couple super bowls but I'm very satisfied with the results. Sooo that all being said, let me get back to your links and don't complain if there's some repeats.

Don't mistake the 49ers for the Colts. I'll be honest with you guys, I have no idea what this article is about because I personally find Cohn to... not be good. I love my expansive vocabulary. (

Jerry Rice and Steve Young are both willing to help the 49ers players of today. Alex Smith learning from Young and Crabtree learning from Rice? Yes please. (

So obviously you know that Jerry Rice made the hall of fame. Cool stuff. (

Here's a selection of quotes about Rice from old teammates/friends/etc. (

Sando took a look at how the 49ers stack up with the Colts. Well, he took a look at the whole NFC West but who cares about those other teams. (

Barrows has some insights about the Super Bowl. I'm happy the Saints won. Even happier that Bud Light, Snickers and Doritos gave us some awesome, awesome commercials. (

The Saints have an aggressive style that the 49ers definitely need to have as well. Totally agree. (

The Seahawks' Walter Jones announces his retirement. I like how they correct his typo in the quote, kinda figured you had to show the direct quote. Either way, he was a great player, wouldn't have minded him being useless for a year with his injury and sucking up the cap though. Don't think he's the greatest LT to play the game though. (

The Cardinals blog is hoping that Singletary wants Tebow bad. Haha, nice guys but it WON'T HAPPEN. Oh God I hope it doesn't happen. I hate Tebow. I laughed maniacally when I saw him cry. (

So the Rams may be a likely landing spot for Michael Vick. Um.. good for them, I guess? This also marks the first time in a long time I've linked to this site but yeah. (