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Golden Nuggets: Make something out of nothing

Morning folks, we're officially into our offseason and all that stuff so let's settle in and hope we get plenty of links, yeah? Last offseason there were days with only one or two links, but I assure you I'm doing my best to find any of interest. Good news is I finally get my laptop back tomorrow (hopefully) and I'll be able to write more and put more time into these Nuggets and whatever else I happen to do for Niners Nation. I've got a few links for you today, unsure as of right now as to whether or not I'll be making a jump but let's find out together, eh? I spent a good portion of yesterday on the Colts and Saints blog and man.. getting reaaaal jealous of some of those Saints fans. Let's hope the Niners get there soon. Anyway, I'm probably going to ramble because I'm just in that kind of mood. Here's some links.

Barrows takes a look at some of the 49ers upcoming free agents. He claims that WR Arnaz Battle and OT Tony Pashos will have suitors. I'm fine with that, honestly. I'll respect Battle until he retires but he no longer fits on this roster and watching him return kicks/punts has left a sour taste in my mouth. As far as Pashos, I forgot he even existed so let whoever take him. Agree about Battle landing in Baltimore, as well. (

Maiocco profiles the 49ers defensive backs. I'm very happy with Shawntae Spencer and Dashon Goldson. The only way I'd want to replace Goldson is with Berry or maybe O.J. Atogwe through free agency, but I don't see that happening and even then I'd be hesitant to put Goldson back on the bench considering he improved significantly throughout the season. Clements.. I'm just unsure of. The only noticeable lapse the team had when he was hurt was their ability (or lack thereof) to cover the screen play. When Clements was on the field he shut down the screen on his side. Without him the team could only watch hopelessly as tackles were missed and defenders were held. (

Talks of the 49ers stadium in Santa Clara continue tonight. I'm starting to think Jed York is a mastermind. Considering I was wildly opposed to the Santa Clara stadium idea at first. I think his way of getting people to come around was promote Oakland as their second option. I legitimately think he said that to get more fans on board for Santa Clara. Nicely done, Jed. (

Continue on to see more links, folks...

Ken Willard has someone arguing pretty convincingly for him to make it into the Hall of Fame. Probably his biggest fan, too. (

Is it weird that I can't even bring myself to read this article? It's about the 49ers supporting national wear red day, but the fact that the people in the picture are all wearing blue (I know.. not the same time.. it's just reading the title and seeing the picture) is just hilarious to me. Also, I think it's possibly because I'm suffering from a very big case of sleep deprivation. Oh well. (

This link is a few days old, but I was thinking about it today so I'll post it anyway (don't remember if I posted it before or not). CB Walt Harris is eager to return, whether the 49ers want him or not. Would you want the team to re-sign Dre' Bly or Walt Harris? Personally I'd want Walt, even coming off the injury. (

A pretty good summary of what went down at the Super Bowl and what it means. The reason I link it is because you can add one more person who cares heavily about the Montana vs Peyton argument. I don't really see the logic in comparing rings to how good a quarterback is, it's a team sport. I do understand, however, if what was keeping the argument from being decided was Peyton's ability (or lack thereof) to be clutch, then yeah, I can see how this settles it because Joe was as clutch as they get. (

May as well keep up with our divisional rivals and see who it is the St. Louis Rams will be cutting as they're not able to make said cuts. (