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Golden Nuggets: Pashos? Naaah.

Morning everyone. I'm hoping today my Nuggets aren't vandalized by some jerk (Fooch) and that they'll be left alone! Ok actually I don't mind. Either way, Scouting Combine was exciting and it wasn't, either way all I can say is I'm still for CJ Spiller if the team doesn't get Darren Sproles. Not sure the team will get Sproles for the price they'd want, so I still think Spiller may be a necessity so long as there is a good tackle with the Niners' next pick. A couple people have told me that Pashos will be fine at RT, to those people I challenge "What?" Yep. That's my argument, because the team absolutely does not need to ignore their offensive line needs yet again in the draft. The being said, just gonna get to your links as I'm very tired.

Barrows posts his thoughts after leaving the combine. (

A look at day two of drills, with the RBs, QBs and WRs. (

DE/OLB Koa Misi met with the 49ers and nine other teams. I have no idea who this guy is. At all. (

Maiocco looks at some of the defensive backs in the upcoming draft. (

A look at one of those defensive backs, Eric Berry and also a bit about Taylor Mays. (

The medical exams are among some of the most important things to go down at the combine. (

Maiocco has some more notes, as well as a look at S Myron Rolle. (

A look at one way the 49ers could go on draft day... I, however, don't agree with it. Not with the kind of talent in that first round at other positions. (