Next super bowl champs????

I am new to this but am an avid niners fan and regularly follow what is said here on niners nation. I believe we can become the next super bowl champs if we play our cards right. First off Arnaz battle, Isaac bruce, Dre Bly, Walt Harris, and Mark Roman need to be let go in free agency. Ahmad Brooks should be tendered as high as possible, and David Bass, and marcus hudson should be tendered cheaply. Resign both pashos and sims. Next the niners simply need to let Moran norris, Michael robinson, Adam snyder, Demetric evans, and Michael lewis go. The biggest offseason move i think that is a no brainer, trade for Nnamdi Asomugha, I think Clements a third rounder and a conditional next year should do it. Now in free agency Antrelle Rolle is soon to be released and i think that would be an excellent pick up, we should also sign Stephen neal to maybe a two year contract. And lastly i think signing Terrel Owens or Plaxico burress (If he can play this year). I think owens or burress can immediately step in and be mentors to our young recievers and still be productive for a year or two for pretty cheap. Neal is an obvious upgrade to both bass and rachel and still has a couple good years in him. There has also been rumor in interest in travis laboy, sign him, he is rested and will come back with a vengeance against arizona and has been a solid player his whole career.

And now to the draft 1st pick CJ spiller. 2nd pick Brian Baluga 3rd pick Golden tait if available or Jacoby Ford (both are smaller with great speed and quickness and would fill a huge need as a slot reciever). 4th pick G Torrel Troup 5th pick cb Devin Ross(fits the size McCloughan likes and has good speed and instinct. 6th pick ILB Joe Pawelek and Last a blocking tight end mickey shuler or greg boone would be good picks here.

So here is what the 53 man will look like you guys let me know what you think.

QB. Alex smith, Shaun hill, Nate Davis

RB. Frank gore, CJ spiller, Glen coffee

WR Tarell Owens, Michael Crabtree, Josh morgan, Jason hill, Brandon jones, Golden tait.

TE Vernon Davis, Delanie walker, Greg boone

T Joe Stayley, Brian Baluga, Barry simms, Tony Pashos

G Stephen neal, Chilo Rachel, David Bass, Torrel Troup

C Eric Heitman, Cody Wallace

DE Justin smith, Isaac Sopoaga, Ray Macdonald, Kentwan Balmer, Ricky-jean Francois

DT Abrayo franklin

OLB Ahmad Brooks, Manny Lawson, Parys haralson, Travis Laboy

ILB Patrick willis, Takeo Spikes, Scott Mckillop, Matt wilhelm, Joe Pawelek

CB Nnamdi Asomugha, Shawntae Spencer, Tarell brown, Marcus Hudson, Devin Ross

SS Dashon Goldson, Reggie smith

FS Antrel Rolle, Curtis Taylor

Specialist Joe nedney, Andy lee, Brian Jennings

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