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49ers announce restricted free agent tender offers

Fooch's Note: Don't forget to check out Drew's latest 100 in 100 post on Dexter McCluster, the man who dares talk smack about Patrick Willis (we'll see how long that lasts).

The 49ers officially announced their tender offers.  They tendered contracts to Ahmad Brooks and David Baas (not Marcus Hudson).  Brooks received a second round tender, while Baas received an original round tender (he was a second round pick). If another club signs either player to an offer sheet, the 49ers have seven days to match that offer. If they choose not to match, San Francisco will receive the appropriate compensation from the respective club (second round picks in both cases).

A couple weeks ago I put together predictions on the restricted free agents.  I got Baas right, although his was the easiest to predict given his high draft status.  I went with a first round tender for Brooks and original round tender for Hudson and was off on both.  I'm not exactly shocked Hudson wasn't tendered.  He's been a solid enough performer, but not so much that the team can't go younger at the position and roll the dice on the upside.