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Golden Nuggets: Alright with Becht.

Well, free agency continues to... well, continue and here I am spending another day not paying attention to any of it only to find that the 49ers may actually be interested in some players. The team is supposedly interested in a couple tight ends, which surprises me but I do have a certain soft sport for one of them. Some more rumors considering a running back or two and you've got the links for today. I'd like to continue to rant on, but I honestly spent all day cleaning, writing for my magazine, and continuing to draft up something that should be really cool for Niners Nation as soon as we get it implemented. That being said, I've managed to rant a bit more than I intended, so uh.. here's some links.

TE Anthony Becht visited with team officials yesterday. (

He wants to bring a "dominating attitude" to the team with his blocking if signed. If we have a spot for him on the roster, sure, I'd love to have the guy, to be honest. I can't think of many reasons not to want him. (

The team reportedly has some interest in Jets RB Leon Washington. I really don't want the team to go after him. (

I agree... restricted free agents are a bad way to go for the 49ers at this point in time. Still, the team should do its due diligence. (

Maiocco answers some reader questions concerning the team. (

Part II on the spotlight on Vernon Davis' visit with the troops. (