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Santa Clara City Council considers various 49ers stadium impact issues

As election day in June approaches (less than 3 months away), the Santa Clara City Council is in the midst of providing a variety of approvals related to the 49ers potential stadium.  In this particular instance, they were dealing with some of the impacts a new stadium would have on the surrounding neighborhood:

The council considered hundreds of pages of recommendations to resolve "significant impacts" from building and operating a 68,500-seat stadium adjacent to Great America theme park. The so-called "mitigation" plan was drafted to address the inevitable fallout from football games and other events, such as concerts, that would draw tens of thousands of people and cars into Santa Clara's entertainment district.

This "plan" was approved by a vote of 5-2.  The biggest issues at this point appear to be a traffic management plan and the issue of a shortage of parking spaces.  When a sporting venue goes up, parking and traffic are certainly two of the biggest concerns.  There is the noise issue as well, but I don't see how you really can resolve that at this point.  And given that there's an amusement park there already, I don't think the noise complain is exactly the biggest concern at the moment.