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Golden Nuggets: It's like Warner all over again.

Hey there, everyone, James here with your Nuggets. I'm starting these really late so I have to be quick about this, fortunately (for times sake, not news sake) there's not a whole lot for me to get to so, yeah. That being said, it seems Becht is out of the equation because he resigned with the Arizona Cardinals yesterday. I'm happy for him, but we're still going to beat him when we take the division next season. I've got some links concerning a couple of pro days, a bit about those running backs the 49ers may have been interested in, and possibly some other things but I'm not sure at this point and the clock is ticking. So enjoy your links.

As stated, Anthony Becht resigned with the Cardinals yesterday. (

Here's a bit on Carr and why he hasn't signed yet, and why very few RFAs will be changing teams this season. (

Terrence Cody would be an intriguing pick, but I seriously don't want to use a first rounder on a guy who weighs that much. Especially with Franklin on the team. Didn't think I'd be saying that a season ago. Also, just a general bit on some pro days that went down. (

Apparently the Texans never gave David Carr a chance. What, does that mean we're supposed to give him one? Not likely. (

Caught LB Takeo Spikes on NFL Total Access yesterday, good stuff. Except the whole time he looked like he was going to flip over the desk and whoop some analyst candy ass. Good stuff that was, either way he had some things to say about Crabtree and the NFC West in general. (

The Niners are reportedly still in the market for a blocking tight end. (

Something or other about Kiper's latest mock draft update, something I never read because they guy is a complete idiot. Am I allowed to say that? I really... REALLY don't care. (

On the clock: DE Koa Misi, a guy I still know nothing about. (