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Bill Polian vs. Mark Cuban: Which One Do You Think Likes Stats?

Hey everyone...just a quick-hitter here to get some discussion going...

This past weekend was the Sloan Sports Analytic Conference at MIT. You'd think with a name and location like that, pocket protectors would outnumber actual sports officials by at least 10 to 1. That was basically my experience when I attended the New England Symposium on Statistics in Sports at Harvard back in 2007. There were a lot of Florida Dannys (Dannies?), Aaron Schatzes, and Justin Wolfers' there, so pretty much everyone was already a believer in statistical applications for sport.

This wasn't the case at the SSAC, where the main headline coming out of the conference was (a) how much of a believer in stats Mark Cuban is, and (b) how much of a non-believer Bill Polian is. In addition to Cuban and Polian, other high-profile attendees included Avery Johnson (former Mavericks coach), Brent Barry (former NBA guard), Jonathan Kraft (current Patriots President), and several ESPN personalities (Brian Kenny, Bill Simmons, etc.). Such a diverse audience gave the "I don't believe in stats" crowd ample opportunity to air their opinions.

I didn't actually attend SSAC (live 2,000 miles away + didn't have research to present unlike the NESSIS in 2007), but there's plenty of reaction from various outlets. Here's a sample:

Aaron @ Football Outsiders

Kevin Pelton @ Basketball Prospectus

Neil Paine @ Basketball Reference

Evan Hochschild @ Crawfish Boxes

That's just a sampling, but it's a pretty representative sample (sorry, just can't get avoid that statgeekery pun). So, take a look at these links if you're interested, absorb the points that are made, and then let's start yet another discussion thread on stats vs. no stats.

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