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Golden Nuggets: Competition? I thought confidence was key?

Morning folks. Today, I've only got a couple of links for you. I'm starting these a bit earlier than usual because I have a ton of things to do tomorrow promoting this show, etc etc... so I need to get to sleep sooner than usual, which for me means I need to be sleeping by about midnight. Still, I don't anticipate more than one or two links will come up after midnight anyway, so I hope I don't miss anything good. That being said, if any of you would be so kind as to post any links I will (most likely definitely probably) miss in the comments, that'd be great. Always feel free to post an links that you come across, unless of course I've already posted them. Anyway, I'm exhausted, here's some links.

Maiocco seems to think that regardless of what is said, there will be a QB competition on the 49ers.(

Q&A with C.J. Spiller. I really want the 49ers to get this guy. (

Willis apparently contacted David Carr and made nice on his statements from Twitter. (

Apparently, the Niners were finalizing negotiations to trade for Michael Vick but pulled out to sign Carr instead. I'm questioning the validity of this, but ya never know. (

Sando isn't jumping on the 49ers bandwagon, as made evident in his 49ers chat wrap. (

Things are all quiet on the 49ers free agent front. (