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Golden Nuggets: Sickness sucks

Goooood morning everyone. At least, by the time this goes up and you all are reading it, I hope it's a good morning. Because so far today has suuuucked. I'm sick, and I don't even get to attend the concert my magazine has booked and promoted because of the aforementioned sickness. Still, I suppose I'm in good enough health to take care of your Nuggets for the day. Free agent talks continue, and the 49ers are either bringing in or talking about bringing in a couple of people. Or maybe it's one person, either way I'm going to get to your links so I can lay back down. Enjoy, everyone. Oh, and don't forget to check out the Niners Nation community mock draft which begins today at 11am PST.

LB Akin Ayodele is going to visit the 49ers on Monday. I really, honestly... do not care at all. He's not very good, and I'd be willing to bet that Wilhelm is much better and even McKillop. (

Shaun Hill was given permission to seek a trade recently, and G Chester Pitts is scheduled to visit the 49ers on Thursday. (

Here's a look at some potential landing spots for Shaun Hill. I'm gonna miss him if he goes. (

And this is how Chester Pitts fits with the 49ers. (

It seems like Maiocco has posted this same article about twenty times in the past few days and keeps calling it news but, a closer look at the restricted free agent market. (

Here's a Yahoo 49ers team report. (

Make sure you vote for the 49ers most valuable draft pick. (