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Saturday morning coffee and breakfast, with yours truly, drummer..

Rise and shine fellow 49er fans. Top of the morning to youse. As we anticipate the epic Niners Nation mock day, I’m serving out Mimosas along with an epic Saturday brunch to get us started. I would make this a short Front Page shot if I knew how. Alas, I don’t, but let’s share a nice breakfast together. I have a fresh pot of coffee, toast (for my friends in the UK, scones and tea), eggs the way you like them, and I am here to listen. The Niners Nation Diner is now open, I am here to serve you. Let’s start our weekend together, and I have a special buffet layed out for all of us to sit around and converse with each other, shall we?

For the comments, describe to me your perfect breakfast. Even better, provide the recipe.