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Golden Nuggets: Ranting makes me feel better.

Hey everyone, Ninjames here. Still sick, and in a pretty sour mood. Long story short, didn't get to go to the concert I've been promoting for the mag. Still, 49ers news continues to roll in and that means I've got a job to do. We've got some things concerning free agents obviously, and that should be the majority of what we deal with today.  I don't think I have enough to make a jump, but I actually have a decently long rant today so I made the jump just for that link. I needed some place to do it, and if I don't complain to someone at least once a day I may just implode. That being said, why don't I just get right to them. I'm also doing them a bit early again, but the sickness is making me more weary by the day. Enjoy the links, folks and post any I may have missed, since I'm certain one or two will go up after I'm long asleep.

Mike Singletary is doing his homework on return specialists. At first I was OK with the whole Adam Jones thing, but when I looked at his 2008 numbers, yeah, I'm not too sure I want the guy in a 49ers uniform. He doesn't seem to have a passion for the game, so much as a passion for money. (

In case you missed it and are wondering what I'm talking about, the 49ers are reportedly interested in Pacman Jones. (

QB David Carr is not content being a backup. Too bad, Carr, I'd bet money that Alex Smith will be a much better quarterback next season (that's right, this guy right here has a semblance of faith in Smith) and you won't even get an opportunity. Which I'm OK with. (

Bigger and faster is what the 49ers are looking to get with this upcoming draft. I'd be willing to bet I was the only one who thought Daft Punk for some reason when reading the title. (

Be sure to check out the impromptu chat session from last night with Maiocco. (

I'm not sleeping on the Cardinals either, and I do agree with a lot of things said about Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt, I wish he'd just... not be on the Cards anymore. Anyway, here's the post from Sando. (

This article is one that makes me mad. The 49ers changed fewer than 100 of their seats to premium seating, and will begin offering several exclusive things to these people. That's not what makes me mad though, what makes me mad are the people so afraid of change that they will now refuse to buy tickets. It's like going into a store and finding they've moved the fruit to another aisle, and then proceeding to throw a fit and begin going to another store. I just don't understand it, the seating would be ridiculous at the previous price based on what they offer. People who want to change get absolutely first pick at moving, and I know this first-hand because I'm a season ticket holder. I understand dissatisfaction, but it's people who say "I'll just go watch the Raiders play" that really irk me. Still, glad to be rid of a fraud fan. And that's my rant for the day, folks. Note, I'm not saying price increases are great or anything, my seats went up, and I don't know if you know this, but I don't get paid anything for NN and the mag sucks up a lot of money, so I'm finding it hard but at this point people should learn to be realistic. I also just realized I said "and that's my rant for the day," and then proceeded to rant. So I guess THAT'S my rant for the day, folks. (

And according to a marketing expert, the seats have been sold on the cheap for quite some time. (