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Golden Nuggets: Fed him to the Lions, eh?

Morning everyone, hope I'm finding you all in good health because BEING SICK SUCKS! Yeah, I'm going to mention it again because I can't seem to shake this sickness. I've been told that infrequent sleeping could have something to do with it, but how else will you get your links? Anyway, I'm all-around in a bad mood, what with the Sharks losing yesterday, etc... Still, I suppose 49ers news continues regardless of my mood and I have to be around to make the links for you. At first glance though, I only have one or two articles for you. There are several new ones, but they're all reporting the same thing, so I'll probably just play favorites because I can do that, which probably means the links will be from Barrows. Either way, I'll post what I can find. Enjoy, folks.

The 49ers fed Shaun Hill to the Lions in a trade yesterday, the team will be getting a 7th round pick in 2011 as compensation. I'll miss the guy, he was a good soldier. (

The trade is, of course, better than nothing. (

Barrows takes a look at the offensive tackles who will likely be around when the 49ers pick in the second round. I wouldn't mind a couple of these guys, to be honest. Heck, I like most of 'em over Williams. (

Always a good read, check out Sando's latest mailbag post concerning the whole NFC West. (