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Golden Nuggets: Wondering if I missed a good thread...

Good news, everyone! I'm no longer sick, or at least, I'm to the point where I know when I wake up tomorrow I'll be feeling 100%, and I'm not going to knock on wood to reinforce such a notion. But anyway, to 49ers related stuff! I heard David Carr had a press conference with the media (seriously? Man I bet the thread was awesome) but I didn't get a chance to watch it or even read up on it, regardless of the fantastic coverage I'm sure we brought you here at Niners Nation because, well.. I've been sick, and when I get sick I'm completely dead to the world. The Nuggets the past three days has been probably all the interaction I've had with anything. Still, I should have plenty of links for you today, so I'll just get to them and stop updating you on my health.

Carr is relishing his chance with the 49ers. Make the best of it, Carr, but you won't ever be a starter with the 49ers. (

He (Carr) definitely knows what he wants. (

Carr also apparently admired the 49ers from afar. I doubt it. (

The Panthers nabbed CB Marcus Hudson for a one year deal. I won't miss the guy really, but he was a good player. Just not space anymore on the roster, I suppose. (

Really going to miss Shaun Hill more than I thought I would. I don't know, he was a good guy and a good player. Here's a final interview. (

Singletary will not be attending Pacman Jones' workout. I hope the team does their due diligence regardless. (

More Mailbag questions from Sando. (