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NN Community Mock Draft Final Grades

First, I just wanted to thank all of you who participated once again and Fooch for updating the board to help move things along at warp speed. I believe this 2 Round Mock went close to an hour faster than the first one we all did. The grading process is going to be a bit different than the last time. Some teams had multiple participants but I will be doing team grades as a whole based on individual player picks. You know who you selected, so by the grade of the individual pick, you will know your score.

Here is the grading table and point system that I will be using:

A+ = 6 (Excellent, best possible pick)

A = 5.5 (Excellent pick)

A- = 5 (Excellent pick but could have gone another way)

B+ = 4.5 (Very good pick)

B = 4 (Very good pick but could have gone another way)

B- = 3.5 (Very good pick but not a huge area of concern)

C+ = 3 (Average pick with some upside)

C = 2.5 (Average pick)

C- = 2 (Average pick but may not pan out)

D = 1.5 (Not a very good pick and most likely not to happen)


Again, each pick will get an individual grade, and then I will total them up for a final team grade. Any .75's or .25's will be rounded up or down depending on which one it is. If you feel like you deserved a better grade, then please say so with explanation in the comments.

Thank you all again for participating. We will be holding one more community mock as we head closer to the draft. Possibly the weekend previous to the draft itself.

Here are the results...


1. ST. LOUIS RAMS - Sam Bradford (QB) Oklahoma (B)

2. DETRIOT LIONS - Russell Okung (OT) Oklahoma (B+)

3. TAMPA BAY BUCS - Ndamukong Suh (DT) Nebraska (A+)

4. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Jimmy Clausen (QB) Notre Dame (A)

5. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Eric Berry (FS) Tennessee (A+)

6. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Gerald McCoy (DT) Oklahoma (A+)

7. CLEVELAND BROWNS - Joe Haden (CB) Florida (C+)

8. OAKLAND RAIDERS - Bruce Campbell (OT) Maryland (C)

9. BUFFALO BILLS - Bryan Bulaga (OT) Iowa (A+)

10. JACKSONVILLE JAGUARS - Dez Bryant (WR) Oklahoma State (A-)

11. DENVER BRONCOS - Rolando McClain (ILB) Alabama (A+)

12. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Jason Pierre-Paul (OLB/DE) South Florida (B)

13. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - CJ Spiller (RB) Clemson (A)

14. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Charles Brown (OT) USC (B)

15. NEW YORK GIANTS - Sean Weatherspoon (OLB) Missouri (A+)

16. TENNESSEE TITANS - Derrick Morgan (DE) Georgia Tech (A+)

17. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Trent Williams (OT) Oklahoma (C-)

18. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Mike Iupati (G) Idaho (A-)

19. ATLANTA FALCONS - Brandon Graham (DE) Michigan (A+)

20. HOUSTON TEXANS - Dan Williams (DT) Tennessee (B-)

21. CINCINNATI BENGALS - Earl Thomas (S) Texas (A+)

22. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Jermaine Gresham (TE) Oklahoma (B-)

23. GREEN BAY PACKERS - Anthony Davis (OT) Rutgers) (B)

24. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Everson Griffen (DE) USC (B+)

25. BALTIMORE RAVENS - Kyle Wilson (CB) Boise State (A-)

26. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Carlos Dunlap (DE) Florida (B-)

27. DALLAS COWBOYS - Maurkice Pouncey (C) Florida (A+)

28. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Ryan Matthews (RB) Fresno State (A+)

29. NEW YORK JETS - Golden Tate (WR) Notre Dame (A-)

30. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Taylor Mays (S) USC (B+)

31. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Ricky Sapp (DE) Clemson (B-)

32. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Brian Price (DT) UCLA) (A-)



33. ST. LOUIS RAMS - Jared Odrick (DT) Penn State (B+)

34. DETROIT LIONS - Toby Gerhart (RB) Stanford (A+)

35. TAMPA BAY BUCS - Sergio Kindle (OLB) Texas (A)

36. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Jerry Hughes (OLB) TCU (A+)

37. WASHINGTON REDSKINS - Jared Veldheer (OT) Hillsdale College (C+)

38. CLEVELAND BROWNS - Nate Allen (S) South Florida (A)

39. OAKLAND RAIDERS - Patrick Robinson (CB) Florida State (B-)

40. SEATTLE SEAHAWKS - Jahvid Best (RB) California (A-)

41. BUFFALO BILLS - Tim Tebow (QB) Florida (B)

42. TAMPA BAY BUCS - Devin McCourty (CB) Rutgers) (A+)

43. MIAMI DOLPHINS - Arrelious Benn (WR) Illinois (A+)

44. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Corey Wooten (DE) Northwestern (A+)

45. DENVER BRONCOS - Colt McCoy (QB) Texas (A-)

46. NEW YORK GIANTS - Morgan Burnett (S) Georgia Tech (B-)

47. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Jonathan Dwyer (RB) Georgia Tech) (B+)

48. CAROLINA PANTHERS - Tyson Alualu (DT) California (A-)

49. SAN FRANCISCO 49ERS - Chad Jones (S) LSU (C)

50. KANSAS CITY CHIEFS - Terrence Cody (NT) Alabama (A)

51. HOUSTON TEXANS - Brandon Ghee (CB) Wake Forest (B+)

52. PITTSBURGH STEELERS - Brandon Spikes (ILB) Florida (B)

53. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS - Koa Misi (OLB) Utah (C)

54. CINCINNATI BENGALS - Vladimir Ducasse (OG) UMass (A)

55. PHILADELPHIA EAGLES - Daryl Washington (LB) TCU (A+)

56. GREEN BAY PACKERS - Dexter McCluster (RB/WR) Ole Miss (B-)

57. BALTIMORE RAVENS - Aaron Hernandez (TE) Florida (B-)

58. ARIZONA CARDINALS - Dominique Franks (CB) Oklahoma (C)

59. DALLAS COWBOYS - Roger Saffold (OT) Indiana (A+)

60. SAN DIEGO CHARGERS - Cam Thomas (DT) Carolina (A+)

61. NEW YORK JETS - Lamarr Houston (DT) Texas (A+)

62. MINNESOTA VIKINGS - Amari Spievey (CB) Iowa (D)

63. INDIANAPOLIS COLTS - Rob Gronkowski (TE) Arizona (B-)

64. NEW ORLEANS SAINTS - Navorro Bowman (OLB) Penn State) (A+)




S.F. 49ers - CJ Spiller, Trent Williams, and Chad Jones: The first pick here has quite a bit of value but the other two are just pretty "meh". While Trent Williams would be a pick in an area of need, it may be overspending on a potential bust. Chad Jones is a younger version of Michael Lewis but younger means inexperienced and possibly not an immediate upgrade. FINAL GRADE (B-) 3.33

St. Louis Rams - Sam Bradford, Jared Odrick: Sam Bradford addresses and big area of concern right now for the Rams but it's a very risky pick considering that shoulder injuries can be, and most often are, reoccuring problems. The Rams would be better suited in getting a stop gap guy in free agency and drafting the best player available in the draft in Ndamukong Suh. Jared Odrick was an excellent pick considering the first selection but had they gone another way, would not have been the pick here. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.25

Seattle Seahawks - Gerald McCoy, Charles Brown, and Jahvid Best: While McCoy would be an excellent pick if he fell this far, it's not very likely that he would. Charles Brown is a bit of a reach at 14 but could potentially pan out if he is used correctly. And Jahvid Best is a slight risk because of the two concussions he suffered in college but because he is a 2nd Rounder, and not a 1st, it's not as big of a risk for the amount of upside he brings to the table. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.00

Arizona Cardinals - Carlos Dunlap, Dominique Franks: The Cardinals have bigger fish to fry than drafting a lazy defensive end. They just lost the quarterback of their defense in Dansby and will need to replace him immediately in the first round. Dominique Franks does have some upside but I am not quite sure he fits in the 2nd Round and may be more of a 3rd round type of guy. The Cardinals have bigger needs than Corner with their 2nd Round Pick. FINAL GRADE (C+) 3.00



N.O. Saints - Brian Price, Navorro Bowman: I really felt like the Saints should be addressing the loss of Scott Fujita in the first round. He was a huge piece to that defense and contributed significantly. Bowman was a steal in the 2nd Round but it's not likely that he falls this far in the real draft. I liked the picks overall but I just think it should have been addressed differently. FINAL GRADE (A) 5.50

T.B. Bucs - Ndamukong Suh, Sergio Kindle, Devin McCourty: If this really happened for the Bucs, I think they'd be jumping through the roof and the cannons would be shooting off in Tampa. To get three potential first rounders in two rounds would be an ideal situation for this struggling franchise. Their defense would be high octane and full of energy with the addition of these three. FINAL GRADE (A+) 5.83

Carolina Panthers - Tyson Alualu: Well if nothing else, at least they drafted a guy with a cool name. Since the Panthers virtually have no quarterback, I would suspect that their first selection would be a quarterback. Matt Moore showed some upside but he may just be a decent back up when it's all said and done. The Panthers desperately need a quarterback though. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.00

Atlanta Falcons - Brandon Graham: The Falcons really need some help with their pass rush whether it be from a linebacker or a defensive end. Graham just so happens to play both. In a 43Defense, he will more than likely be a defensive end and create chaos off the edge much like Dwight Freeny and Robert Mathis do for the Colts. FINAL GRADE (A+) 6.00



Minnesota Vikings - Taylor Mays, Amari Spievey: Taylor Mays falling this far could potentially be a steal for the Vikings but it could also go the other way too. He will provide a presence back there that the Vikes haven't had since Joey Browner back in the late 80's. Spievey certainly shocked most of us considering that he is projected as a 3rd Round, possibly even 4th Round Pick. Possibly the most questionable pick of this draft. FINAL GRADE (C+) 3.00

Green Bay Packers - Anthony Davis, Dexter McCluster: The Pack definitely needs to get younger on their offensive line but did in fact re-sign two of their starters from last season. Two that were partially responsible for allowing Aaron Rodgers backside to consistently have grass stains on it. This was a sensible pick. The other pick however may not have been. I do expect the Packers to draft a running back but there is question as to whether or not McCluster can actually play running back at the next level. He may be better suited as a wide receiver; a position in which the Packers are already pretty deep at. FINAL GRADE (B) 3.75

Detroit Lions - Russell Okung, Toby Gerhart: Okung could very well end up being the pick here but the consensus pick with most of the experts still is either Suh or McCoy. With Suh still on the board here, it's very difficult to imagine them passing on him for Okung. The Lions definitely could use another running back to compliment that diluted back field. Gerhart is just the type of bruising back that will tire out defenses to open it up for Jones as well as Stafford and company. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.25

Chicago Bears - Incomplete (No 1st or 2nd Round picks)



Philadelphia Eagles - Everson Griffen, Daryl Washington: Two picks that can instantly be inserted in to the defense. Griffen will bring to the table a fierce pass rush, while Washington will secure the middle of the field. The Eagles have lost some of the fire they once possessed on defense. Griffen and Washington could be exactly what Philly needs to reignite the inferno in the city of brotherly love... or hate depending on how you view things. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.25

N.Y. Giants - Sean Weatherspoon, Morgan Burnett: The Giants recently released Antonio Pierce but acquired Antrel Rolle as their free safety. While Weatherspoon may make an impact right away, it may be in the Giants best interest to draft a strong safety in the later mid rounds. They spent a lot of money on Rolle and there will be others like Asante later on in the draft to pick from. FINAL GRADE (A-) 4.75

Washington Redskins - Jimmy Clausen, Jared Veldheer: With the Redskins placing as high of a tender as they did on Campbell, it seems as though they still have faith  in that he can be a very good quarterback; or at the least a stop gap for this year. Shanahan knows how to coach up quarterbacks and obviously feels he'll be able to do so with Campbell. Clausen would be drafted as the quarterback of the future but would be able to be put in methodically rather than sling-shotted in to playing in the NFL. Veldheer just wasn't the best way to go. While the Redskins are trying to bring some consistency to the offensive line, there are a couple other guys that would have been better picks at this slot in my opinion. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.25

Dallas Cowboys - Maurkice Pouncey, Roger Saffold: The Cowboys have always had decent to great offensive lines. With their two first round picks being offensive linemen, they will give Tony Romo zero room for excuse on why he can't make it to the big one. These picks here secure a bright future for the stars to shine in Dallas. Let's just hope the 49ers can dim them a bit in season's to come. FINAL GRADE (A+) 6.00



S.D. Chargers - Ryan Mathews, Cam Thomas: Two huge areas of need addressed coupled with best player available usually equals "great draft". For the very first two picks, the Chargers nailed it by securing their running back of the future and nose tackle of the future. Excellent picks in both. FINAL GRADE (A+) 6.00

Oakland Raiders - Bruce Campbell, Patrick Robinson: The first pick here is a typical Raiders type selection. I do however think that since Tom Cable is an ex-offensive line coach, that he will be able to coach up Campbell to be potentially one of the best lineman coming out. However, potential doesn't mean anything until a player lives up to it. The secondary for the Raiders was actually their strong point last season. While Robinson fits the mold, it's not a huge area of concern. FINAL GRADE (C+) 3.00

Denver Broncos - Rolando McClain, Colt McCoy: McClain and McCoy make for McGreat picks. The Broncos recently let go Andra Davis and will need to replace him. McClain makes a lot of sense here. While the Broncos did release quarterback Chris Simms, they secured Brady Quinn through a trade. With Orton and Quinn on the roster, it's difficult to see the Broncos going after a quarterback this early on. FINAL GRADE (A) 5.50

K.C. Chiefs - Eric Berry, Jerry Hughes, and Terrence Cody: This would be an unbelievable draft for Kansas City if they could get all three of these guys. They are very weak at the safety position so Berry makes a whole lot of sense there. Hughes brings a pass rush to the Chiefs that they have been missing since the late great Derrick Thomas and Cody, if he can stay on par in maintaning his weight, will be a true force in the middle of that defensive line. FINAL GRADE (A+) 5.83



Indianapolis Colts - Ricky Sapp, Rob Gronkowski: I don't think Colts fans would be too thrilled with these picks. While I understand the Sapp pick, I don't quite get the Tight End pick. Sapp would come in and relieve both Freeney and Mathis to help keep tread on their tires through the course of the season. But the Colts already have one of the best pass catching tight ends to ever play the game in Dallas Clark. With all the other weapons on the offensive side of the ball and Peyton Manning not getting any younger, I'd look for an offensive line pick with one of the two. FINAL GRADE (B-) 3.50

Jacksonville Jaguars - Dez Bryant: David Garrard defintely could use a couple more weapons on the offensive side of the ball but they could majorly use some help to enhance the offensive line. I believe we had 5 or 6 sacks against them last year when we faced them. They need to keep their $60 Million Dollar investment upright next season or we could see quarterbacks number two and number three on the field before the end of the regular season. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.00

Houston Texans - Dan Williams, Brandon Ghee: While I like both of these players quite a bit, I do have a couple issues with the picks. I definitely think that the Texans have larger areas of concern than the interior of their defensive line. While Williams is a solid pick, they could have gone elsewhere to give them more value; especially considering how long it takes for some defensive tackles to develop. For me, I like the Corner pick for the Texans because it replaces Robinson. However, as much as I like Ghee as a Corner, he still is a bit rough around the edges. Going with a Corner in the 1st may have been the better way to go. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.00

Tennessee Titans - Derrick Morgan: The Titans could not have gone in a better direction than this pick here. They need a pass rusher quite badly and Morgan is just that. He is a tweener that could be used as either a 43Defensive end, or a 34Outside linebacker. The Titans haven't had a defensive end that brought bad intentions to the trenches since they had a younger Jevon Kearse. Morgan would be a perfect pick for the Titans here. FINAL GRADE (A+) 6.00



Cleveland Browns - Joe Haden, Nate Allen: The Browns have 11 picks or so in this years draft, so there is no need to go reaching for players like Joe Haden. While both picks upgrade the secondary for the Browns, Allen is probably the better of the two picks.I look for them to target possibly Rolando McClain considering they lost a key player in Wimbley. They need a presence at linebacker. The Browns are almost a franchise that is starting over and have been since they re-entered the league. They came on late in the last part of the season last year and showed that there is enough upside there to start winning again. The addition of Mike Holmgren was probably the best move that they could have made. He will make that team buy in as he has done in other places. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.25

Cincinnati Bengals - Earl Thomas, Vladimir Duccasse: Two best player available picks coupled with fairly huge needs is the makings of a good draft, very good. If Thomas falls this far, the Bengals won't hesitate to pull the trigger, same goes for Ducasse. They will be getting two players that they can plug in right away to make their teams better. There are several different ways that the Bengals could go, but I think the picks here are easily justifiable. FINAL GRADE (A+) 5.75

Pittsburgh Steelers - Mike Iupati, Brandon Spikes: Another great first two rounds. The Steelers love their linebackers and always seem to have a plethra of them. Spikes will be a guy who can plug in right away. The quarterback situation with the Steelers could be catastrophic pending the outcome of everything that's going on with Sleezebag Ben. They may be tempted to draft a guy that is completely opposite of Big Ben should things go south in Pittsburgh. Tim Tebow anyone? Iupati is a very good option to an aging offensive line also. FINAL GRADE (B+) 4.50

Baltimore Ravens - Kyle Wilson, Aaron Hernadez: The Ravens are getting a lot older on the defensive side of the ball. Baltimore has decent Corners but need to start looking for replacements for Ray Lewis and Ed Reed since they won't be around too much longer to mentor younger guys and could possibly even be gone after this season. The Ravens still have Todd Heap and just acquired Anquan Boldin and Donte Stallworth to spice things up for quarterback Joe Flacco. Hernadez is good, but the Ravens can address tight end later on in the draft with guys like Dennis Pitta, Ed Dickson, Jimmy Graham, etc. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.25



Miami Dolphins - Jason Pierre-Paul, Arrelious Benn: Two very solid picks for the Fins in rounds one and two. The Dolphins don't necessarily have a true number one wide out. Bess is okay and so is Ginn Jr. but they're not going to demand too many double teams. Benn is a big, physical wide receiver that can go up in traffic and over power defensive backs. Excellent pick in the 2nd round for them. With the potential departing of Joey Porter and Jason Taylor, the Dolphins would be best suited to persue a pass rusher to compliment recently acquired Karlos Dansby. JPP gives them that athletic pass rush to replace two great players if they do in fact leave. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.00

Buffalo Bills - Bryan Bulaga, Tim Tebow: I could honestly see the Bills going after these two players and I don't think would hesitate to pull the trigger on either. They need to keep their quarterback upright and they need a leader running the show on the offensive side of the ball that they currently do not have. Chan Gailey has been known to do good things with quarterbacks that have potential. He could posibly do the same with Tim Tebow. FINAL GRADE (A-) 5.00

N.E. Patriots - Jermaine Gresham, Corey Wootton, Jonathon Dwyer, and Koa Misi: Overall a decent draft, I just felt like there were possibly better picks and better players in some of the scenarios. The tight end pick just didn't do it for me. I know they could use a tight end but not badly enough to warrant Gresham with their first. The other picks were so-so for me and even though I like Misi because he is from my hometown, he's still from my rival High School, haha. All jokes aside, I think Misi is better suited as a 3rd Rounder. I like the Wootton pick and Dwyer pick though and they fit the bill. FINAL GRADE (B) 4.13

N.Y. Jets - Golden Tate, Lamarr Houston: I think both picks here are very solid. I am not sure that the Jets will go with a wide receiver in the first. They already have a number one in Edwards and recently just got back Coles. If they are to add another receiver, they could easily do so in the 2nd Round as there will still be a bunch of quality guys at that position when they draft in the 2nd. Houston would be a good fit but would have to learn an entirely new position which sometimes at the next level can be tricky. Overall both quality picks though but either way and no matter where they go, the Jets fans will be sure to booooo at any pick. FINAL GRADE (A) 5.50


Note: If you did not participate in this draft but would like to be part of our next and last mock draft of the year, be sure to check back for details the weekend preceeding the actual draft April 22nd. Thanks again to those that made this possible.