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Draftix Season Ticket Sharing

This post brought to you by Draftix, an SB Nation sponsor.

As some of you may know, there are a variety of sponsors that help support SB Nation.  I've posted sponsored posts before occasionally pimping out a product (the Palm Pre being one such post).  SB Nation recently passed along an email from the CEO of Draftix, a company that is looking to direct a marketing campaign towards San Francisco, Washington, DC, Baltimore, and Chicago.  Given that their support has been one of many reasons SB Nation continues to grow and improve, I thought it'd be worthwhile to throw a bone their way.

A lot of people have season tickets that they share with other people.  Season tickets to any sports team can be prohibitively expensive, so groups like this allow you to save a little money.  Draftix has apparently tools to facilitate everything form an online ticket draft to ticket distribution to trades during the season.  According to the site's CEO, Mike Tobin, "We make money through ads that sponsors purchase on the site and a 5% transaction fee charged to those who use our site buy into a ticket-sharing group."  So, if I'm reading this correctly, if you've got a pre-existing group of people working on this, use of the site is completely free.  If you want to buy into a group, you pay a transaction fee.  I'd imagine that given the price of buying tickets on StubHub, Ticketmaster, or Craigslist, that 5% fee would probably be less than the fees at Ticketmaster or the premiums at StubHub and Craigslist.

After the jump I've posted a YouTube promo video from the CEO of the company.