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Golden Nuggets: Leave Carr alone!

Good morning everyone. I'll go ahead and refrain from talking about David Carr, judging by the chorus of "Leave Carr alone!! Leave 'em alone!" I incited from some of you. I half expected.. well, you know what I'm getting at. (How do you half expect something?) Anyway, there isn't really any new news since yesterday's links, but what can you do, ya know? I have a few links for you, I have more than a few actually but some of them are so redundant I can't in good conscience link you to them. I'll always only link related stories if the writer has an opinion to offer on the matter. You'll notice I'll occasionally link the same story, but from from say Matt Barrows and the other from Matt Maiocco, that's because each have their own opinions and they are well respected opinions at that. So, that being said I'll try and get you all the relevant links, and if I don't, post 'em up yourself and tell me what an idiot I am. Enjoy, folks!

In case you haven't been paying attention during free agency, Maiocco posted a free agent tracker recently. Check it out here. Hasn't been thrilling, has it? (

OT Barry Sims is getting looks from the Washington Redskins. I don't know, Sims has been wildly inconsistent but he played very well at LT this past season when Joe Staley went out. He sucked at RT, but who knows what will happen? I'd like the team to resign him if at all possible. (

Glad to hear that if the 49ers signed Akin Ayodele, he'd be a backup--they don't envision him starting in place of Takeo Spikes, one of my favorite 49ers. (

Carr is eager to show he can start. He's a 49er now, so I wish him the best, but I'd hate to have to sit through some bad Alex Smith performances just so David Carr can get his redemption. (

Brunner's Blog continues at the official website with a comparison between combines and pro days. (

Indeed, 2010 is Alex Smith's last chance to succeed as a 49er. (

Here's a spin around the NFC West with Sando. (