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Golden Nuggets: Well that was unexpected.

Morning everyone. Let me start off by thanking whichever one of you it was that sent that lovely piece of hatemail yesterday concerning David Carr. I understand that you love Carr very much and let me explain something. Carr is a 49er and I support him now. I'm for Carr. I like the guy. But Carr starting means that our maybe-promising young quarterback in Alex Smith has to falter yet again. Let me hope just for once that Alex Smith won't be a horrible quarterback this coming season? That being said, there was some disturbing news Maiocco dropped on his Twitter concerning Scott McCloughan and a possible resignation, and the resulting thread on it was pretty... out there, I'll say that much. Still, I'll find whatever I can about this and post up the link. Enjoy, folks.

Here's the catalyst article for the McCloughan stuff. Sources told the Press Democrat that 49ers GM Scott McCloughan is considering stepping down as the teams general manager. Huh.. I just don't know what to think right now, if the thread we had was anything though, it could have ranged from a variety of circumstances...(

McCloughan's agent is saying that he (Scott) wouldn't voluntarily step down. This doesn't eliminate the fact that something is going on, just that if McCloughan were to not be a part of the team... he'd have to be forced out. (

Jump for more links, folks.

The team signed CB Karl Paymah to a one year contract. (

LB Patrick Willis recently underwent surgery on his knee, but it seems to be a minor affair. No worries, folks. (

Paymah left the Vikings because he wanted the weather of the west coast. That's odd, the weathers been [site decorum] lately. (

Here's the audio from the conference call with Paymah. It plays automatically, you've been warned. (

Maiocco has a mid-free agency mock draft, and I'm scratching my head on most of it. A couple weeks ago, Barrows put out a pretty... weak mock draft, and a bit prior, Maiocco had his first, and it too wasn't very good. What is good and not good is subjective, of course, I just feel like he has to have something in there that's "different" just so he can get more comments and what not. I don't know, I respect Maiocco a lot but that's just the vibe I'm getting from certain things. I just don't like his mock draft, at all. (

Huh.. this writer could learn a thing or two about his wordage and sentence structure, but it's an interesting piece on Glen Coffee nonetheless. (

So are the 49ers facing another quarterback controversy? (

After Joe Haden's pro day, he probably won't be around when the 49ers pick. (