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Post St. Patrick's Day hangover breakfast thread (mixing some Scot McCloughan drama)...

Fooch's Note: I'm down in Las Vegas for the first week of NCAA tournament games.  Consider this an open thread for discussions of the NCAA tournament today, and if you feel like mixing in some Scot McCloughan insanity, have at it.  Don't forget to join our tourney bracket group.  Group name is Niners Nation; password is go49ers.

Is Scot McCloughan Irish? Hell, I dunno. In the spirit of the David Carr presser that never happened, I will present something that also didn't happen during Carr's presser, at least for the press, which was food. May I present you with a description of an Irish Breakfast, as experienced by myself having an epic one at Fiddler's Green in the Wharf in San Francisco. Do you love meat? Fiddler's has it for you by the pound. On a Carb free diet? Don't go there. The freshly baked bread and and few pints of Guinness is enough to soak up all of the booze from the night before, but the best thing is the meat. Lot's of it. Bacon. Canadian Bacon. Irish Bacon, along with sausage, eggs, potatoes, bacon, fried tomatoes, navy beans, and the final heart stopper: blood pudding, which is basically even more greasy sausage. Awesome. Dinner is great there too, and if you stick around long enough and has mad game like Ninjames, you may have dessert with a stewardess out of Chicago.

Rise and shine Niners Nation, and happy post St. Patricks Day!! I got some Hair of the Dawg for youse too, with a Jameson on the side, neat.