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Where do we go from here? [Updated]

It's been an exciting 24 hours in 49er land. Just before 9PM last night (Pacific Time) Matt Maiocco broke the story that Scott McCloughan was considering stepping down as GM. About an hour and a half later McCloughan's agent says that Scot was not resigning as GM, despite reports that his office was being cleaned out. Early this afternoon Jason LaConfora of reports that McCloughan is indeed leaving, although it might only be temporary as Adam Schefter is reporting that this is an extended leave of absence whilst McCloughan tends to personal matters. The 49ers are keeping mum throughout this whole process, leading to rampant speculation. 


Updated information from Matt Barrows. Scott McCloughan sent a text earlier today that said he was proud of his work with the organization.

"I know what I did for the organization and I'm really good with it


He was also seen at the Murray State/Vanderbilt basketball game earlier today. I have an incredibly difficult time believing that a family emergency that was serious enough to require him taking a personal leave of absence from the 49ers is mild enough for him to attend a basketball game the very next day. Something is very fishy about all of this

I wanted to take a look at McCloughan's history with the 49ers and review his job performance a little.

Scot McCloughan joined the 49ers in 2002 as the vice president of personnel. In 2008 he was elevated to the position of General Manager. Since 2005 the 49ers have drafted some outstanding talent:

Draft: Michael Crabtree, Glen Coffee, Nate Davis, Bear Pascoe, Scot McKillop, Curtis Taylor, Ricky Jean-Francois, Brit Miller
Free Agents: Takeo Spikes, Moran Norris, Demetric Evans, Brandon Jones, Shane Andrus, Diyral Briggs (UDFA), Chris Patrick, Derek Walker

Draft: Kentwan Ballmer, Chilo Rachal, Reggie Smith, Cody Wallace, Josh Morgan, Larry Grant
Free Agents: Isaac Bruce, Justin Smith, Takeo Spikes,

Draft: Patrick Willis, Joe Staley, Jason Hill, Ray McDonald, Jay Moore, Dashon Goldson, Joe Cohen, Tarrell Brown, Thomas Clayton
Free Agents: Nate Clements, Michael Lewis,

Draft: Vernon Davis, Manny Lawson, Brandon Williams, Michael Robinson, Parys Haralson, Delanie Walker, Marcus Hudson, Melvin Oliver, Vickiel Vaughan, Moran Norris
Free Agent: Tony Wragge

Draft: Alex Smith, David Baas, Frank Gore, Adam Snyder, Ronald Fields, Rasheed Marshall, Derrick Johson Daven Holly, Marcus Maxwell, Patrick Estes, Bill Bajema
Free Agents: Joe Nedney

Draft: Rashaun Woods, Justin Smiley, Shantae Spencer, Derrick Hamilton, Isaac Sopoaga, Richard Seigler, Andy Lee, Keith Lewis, Cody Pickett, Christian Ferrara

Draft: Kwame Harris, Anthony Adams, Andrew Williams, Brandon Lloyd, Aaron Walker, Arnaz Battle, Ken Dorsey

Draft: Mike Rumph, Saleed Rashad, Jeff Chandler, Kevin Curtis, Brandon Doman, Josh Shaw, Mark Anelli, Eric Heitmann, Kyle Koiser, Teddy Gaines

49ers haven't been very active in free agency since Scot McCloughan joined the organization. The biggest signings have been Nate Clements and Justin Smith. The rest of them have been veteran free agents who sign with the team have been veteran free agents who are solid, but not spectacular players. Since 2005 when McCloughan took over full-time duties as GM the drafts have gotten better as well, especially the mid to late rounds. Overall I'd have to give McCloughan a B for his efforts as the 49er GM.


So where do we go from here? Trent Baalke is the director of player personnel so I think he would be the most likely to step in. Paraag Marathe is the VP of business and football operations so it might fall to him as well. The other big question this move brings up is how it affects the draft. Matt Maiocco reports that the 49ers draft board is mostly set, with only a few minor adjustments to be made as Singletary makes calls and interviews prospects. If that's the case then this move shouldn't throw too much turmoil into the draft.