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Golden Nuggets: Information would be nice.

Morning everyone, Ninjames here. So it seems like McCloughan is out, though we aren't any wiser as to what exactly is going on. He could be out, he could be taking a leave of absence, or he could be staying just the same. Nothing is clear right now but I'll be sure to link you to all the relevant links so you can know all that.. all that you're supposed to know, I suppose. Still, it'd be nice to actually know what the [site decorum] is going on with our 49ers, you know? This team is on the rise, and continuity is key, without it what do we have? Without continuity the 49ers are... well... the Oakland Raiders. Anyway, it's getting closer to 3 AM so I'm going to get to the links.

The reports indicate that Scot McCloughan is out as 49ers GM. Take it how you will. (

I hate this guy, mostly because a portion of his articles are preceded with his name, but either way it is Jed York's challenge to fix the front office, and it's... not looking so good. (

So will Singletary be taking the lead in draft preparation? (

Guard Chester Pitts' visit is still on schedule. (

Wish I had more for you right now folks, but that's about it.