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Cutting to the chase: Terrell Owens

I'm sure plenty of you are waking up wondering why there's a big fat picture of Terrell Owens on your screen here at Niners Nation. Well, given that we have this wonderful polling technology, I thought it'd be interesting to see how people feel about the idea of acquiring specific individuals. So, I'm thinking we might roll something like this out a couple times this week before we get to free agency just to mix it up a little bit.

Terrell Owens left the San Francisco 49ers on a fairly low note; an incredibly talented receiver who simply could not get his head on straight. As long as this site has been around, we've had some discussion or another about TO, whether it be in relation to his position in our all-time team voting, or as it relates to free agency. There remain a whole lot of people who want nothing to do with him ever again, and that's perfectly understandable. At the same time, there are folks who would have no problem bringing him back into the fold.

Over the weekend, the Buffalo Bills announced that they would not be bringing Owens back next season. My question now is whether you think the 49ers should pursue Owens. I'm fairly certain they won't, but this isn't a prediction. This is simply whether you'd like to see the team make a run at Owens. Let's get it down in black and white with a vote.

In my mind, it's an easy no-vote when you factor in all the diva behavior. It seemed a bit less of an issue this past season, but I wonder how much had to do with the fact that he was in Buffalo (as opposed to big tv markets like Dallas, Philly and SF)? Even if I don't consider the "antics" of TO, the on-field production leaves something to be desired at this point in his career. He's 36 years old and coming off the worst 16-game performance since his rookie year. Of course, that still would have left him #2 among 49ers receivers (Vernon Davis led in everything).

So if TO has matured enough to not be a major problem, is he worth potentially stunting the growth of Josh Morgan, or maybe Jason Hill and Brandon Jones among others? Not to mention how it would affect Michael Crabtree. I just think there are too many question marks and it's not worth the roll of the dice. What do you think?