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Golden Nuggets: Now let's hope they sign it.

Morning folks. Who has two thumbs and completely forgot about the Nuggets for no reason? This guy right here. That being said, I think I caught in time so I should be getting it up in time but only just. Plus it's 2:45 AM here right now so don't be too hard on me if I miss some or make any mistakes. That being said, even more apologies as I wanted to say sorry for not replying to any comments on yesterday's Nuggets, I always make it a point to do so but was... detained yesterday, I'll go and reply right after this. As far as the 49ers go, I've got some stuff about Baas and Brooks, but not a whole lot else, not sure why--guess I figured there would be more after another day of the combine but I guess not. Either way, getting to this now. P.S. Happy birthday to smileyman. :]

The 49ers tendered restricted free agent LB Ahmad Brooks and OG David Baas, which is definitely a good move. They may let Marcus Hudson walk, and I doubt too many people are going to be concerned with that. I also just realized that I laughed a little when I typed "OG" David Baas. (

A look at day three of the combine drills, which I didn't get to catch a whole lot of. (

The market for NT Aubrayo Franklin has likely been set since the Steelers signed their franchise defensive tackle. (

The 49ers definitely can't ignore impact pass-rush linebackers. I have a good feeling about Brooks and Lawson, not so much Haralson. But definitely knowing something and having a good feeling about something aren't exactly the same thing. (

I certainly hope the 49ers did their due diligence and scoured the combine for a return man. (

There is one big question regarding the restricted free agents and their tenders. (