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Saturday Lunch Swing Around SBNation: Mocking The Draft

Hello there folks, I'm coming back to you at my normal time of Saturday lunch now that Fooch has stopped banishing me to Sunday.So SBNation sits at 248 blogs and is two away (possibly one, you'll see what I mean) from that magical 250, and what a glorious 250 it will be! Nothing special will happen or anything, I will just stop ranting about it. Like I've been known to say, it's 248 blogs, and 248 communities not unlike our own here, and there is definitely something for everyone outside of little ol' Niners Nation.

Last week I took a look at Fear The Fin, our resident Sharks blog populated by Plank n' the gang and the weeks before I covered our golf blog, Waggle Room, and a pretty cool blog about history called Inhistoric. All very good blogs, and I'm continuing the trend with another good one today. (In my opinion at least)

Today I'm talking a bit about Mocking The Draft, a blog that features everything you need to know about the NFL draft, college prospects, teams which are targeting said prospects and yes, you guessed it, mock drafts. To learn more about this rather timely profiling, read on and make the jump.

Editor: Mocking Dan

Mocking the Draft has been around at least for a few years, and has always been a source of interest in the football offseason. What better way to spend the half a year of offseason than to speculate on the upcoming half a year of on-season? There isn't a better way, I tell you! That's where MTD comes in.

The timing of this profile is spot on, they're going through profiles of team needs, profiles of each division, profiles of college players--there is so much to read. The best thing I've come to find about Mocking The Draft is that the coverage and opinions on college prospects are actually decent to good whereas all the professionals we read about and watch on TV... are not so good. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to lock McShay and Kiper in a room for a week just to see who eats who, and then let the other one starve. Was that too gruesome? I'm getting sidetracked.

The point is there is excellent coverage. You can find stuff on several college prospects, and they have sections devoted to each division in football. They've taken a look at the 49ers team needs and they've taken a look at their recent draft history. They do these pretty crazy seven round mocks over there, which is a feat on its own. Have you ever tried to make a mock outside of three rounds?

So if you want a good read and all you need to know about the draft and college prospects (outside of the excellent coverage you can find here, that is) head over to Mocking The Draft, there isn't a better time to do so as the draft they've been mocking approaches. Enjoy your lunch, I'm out!