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Golden Nuggets: Hope it's good for us.

Morning folks. Coming back at you with another bit o' Nuggets for ya. It seems that McCloughan is indeed out as 49ers GM, despite the team not being outward about such a thing. Naturally, most of the links I have will pertain to this happening. Be it speculation on what actually happened, to speculation as to what this means going forward for the draft, to who will take over as GM, to how much power Mike Singletary really has with GM-related responsibilities. I have some other links for you as well, some concerning free agent guard Chester Pitts. Either way, I'm starting late again.. so I'm going to get right to the links.

So it's pretty much confirmed that Scot McCloughan is out as the GM. (

McCloughan says that he'll be back in the league at some point. I don't know, I figured he was pretty good... this isn't a good thing, currently. (

Leave it to this site to begin such speculation, but I suppose Schefter also commented on it. Apparently Green Bay is a possible place for McCloughan to land... so are 30 other teams, mind you. (

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A look at who could possibly benefit from this whole front office management shakeup. I certainly hope it's us. (

Guard Chester Pitts still made his visit to the 49ers. (

If Pitt signs with the 49ers, he expects to start. (

People with the 49ers organization have spoken to Adam 'Pacman' Jones, but head coach Mike Singletary was not present during these talks. (

The 49ers stadium measure has been dubbed 'Measure J'. (

It seems QB David Carr could be competing for the starting job. (

49ers value offsesaon workouts... Seems kind of obvious if you ask me, but yeah. (

Hey I'm uh... I'm not cool with this. This Joey Porter stuff, and being signed by the Cardinals. I didn't want to sign him personally, but I didn't want a guy with that potential to go to a division rival. (