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Golden Nuggets: Not very good company.

Morning, Niner fans. Ninjames here, starting a bit earlier so I can do my due diligence today and get you all the relevant links. Yesterday there was a bit of a dry spell, not really anything to link you to but today I have at least a couple more than one or two. Still, the sentiments I expressed yesterday are the same today: being that I'm not as confident now as I was a few weeks ago in this team. I'm just scared that this kind of shakeup went down, and that makes me think of all the other teams in the league that have these kinds of issues.. the Raiders.. the Browns... just not good company to be in, you understand? Still, I'd like to say I have faith, I'm hoping in the coming days and weeks the front office opens their mouths and tells us what's going on straightforward. Then again, there's a better chance I'll be elected president next week (vote for Ninjames). So yeah, here's some links.

Well, this article does clear up a bit about why the 49ers are keeping quiet about all this. I understand a bit more now, though that doesn't mean I'm magically full of faith and good feelings about the current state of the front office. (

Sorting out the 49ers front office roles, post McCloughan shakeup. (

McCloughan has been mentioned as a candidate for joining the Oakland Raiders. I think he could actually do some good there, at least until Al Davis int... you know what, too easy. Just too easy. (

Scot's fall from grace is his own doing. Haven't got a chance to read this one yet, but yeah, it makes sense. (

Here's a Yahoo 49ers team report, always a decent update on goings-on. (

Sando takes a look at Trent Baalke's drafting history. (

Also check out Sando's latest mailbag post, which is a question and answer piece. Wish Barrows would do them more often, that's kinda "his thing." (

I haven't got a chance to listen to it yet, and I'm a day or two late, but check out Indiana Jim's latest Fancast. (49ersFancast)