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Golden Nuggets: Personal matters? Sounds bad.

Good morning everyone. Want to know something... funny and/or embarrassing? I've been using a certain method with which to wrap the text around the image on the right ever since I started doing the Nuggets, a method which involved about six different steps, and I've only JUST NOW figured out how I'm supposed to do it... which is... to simply type after the HTML... And yeah, this is the guy who managed most of the HTML for his own website. Man, I'm smart. That being said, yesterday was fairly active for the 49ers what with more McCloughan information (or maybe it's a lack of information considering all of the 'no comment's), a signing, and also another draft pick. So without further ado, (not to be confused with adieu), here are your links, folks.

Team president Jed York made it official by saying that McCloughan leaving was of 'mutual interest'between him and the team. (

Here's the transcript from the conference call Jed York took part in. (

It seems that Trent Baalke will indeed be taking over the immediate GM duties, until the draft is complete, at least. (

The 49ers were awarded a compensatory draft pick in the sixth round. (

So here's what the 2010 draft looks like for the Niners. (

Backup tackle Barry Sims resigned with the 49ers to a one year contract. Good signing, may have overpaid, though. (

There was doubt about QB Alex Smith and what McCloughan leaving means for him, but Jed York assured us all that Smith is "still the guy." (