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Niners Nation Mock Draft Database Updated

Due to my travels over the last couple weeks, I had fallen behind in updating our mock draft database. In reviewing the 30 mocks included, things seem to be tightening up a bit. With two 1st round draft picks and 30 mock drafts, you're looking at 60 total picks. In reviewing this current set of mocks, there are 13 players involved, a decrease over all previous mocks. None of these players could end up as 49ers, but it certainly gives an idea of where things are at this point.

The player who is gaining the most steam is Oklahoma offensive tackle Trent Williams.  On January 30, Williams appeared 5 times.  On February 15, Williams jumped into the lead with 11 appearances.  Today, he currently appears in 13 of the mock drafts. I know there are divergent opinions on Williams, but it's certainly possible he ends up out here.

Position-wise, offensive tackle remains consistently at the top, with 25 selections involving offensive tackles. Mike Iupati is listed as a guard, but would seem to have a shot at moving over to right tackle. If that's the case, then we're talking 28 of the picks are potentially offensive tackles. One of the more intriguing drafts based on this position was Fantasy Football Xtreme, which had the 49ers selection Bryan Bulaga AND Trent Williams. Would the 49ers really go with two offensive linemen in the first round? It's a big area of need, so I suppose that's possible.

And yet, that seems a bit much at this point. The 49ers re-signed Barry Sims and are talking with guard Chester Pitts. I realize neither is a long term answer that would be found in the draft, but you're certainly loading up your roster with bodies. And given first round salaries, I'm just not sure if they'll go in that direction. Anybody else have an opinion on this?