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Golden Nuggets: Should cut him after training camp.. for fun.

Hey everyone. I'm incredibly exhausted tonight, so apologies if things seem a bit sloppy. (Said the same thing to the girlfriend a few hours ago.) I have a few articles tonight, nothing major, but a good solid read for your morning or lunch or... whatever. I don't know when you folks read these Nuggets, but I hope that you do indeed read them. I mean, not today because all I'm doing is rambling and... yeah. So, 49ers stuff... really glad the team got Barry Sims to come back. We make a lot of jokes about the guy but he played well at LT last season and I like having him there as a backup... so long as he goes nowhere near the RT position. The guy just forgets how to play football when he plays on that side. So uh, here's some links.

Sims is a solid backup, and brings a veteran presence to what is a young offensive line, especially with the RT that the 49ers will no doubt take in the first round. (

He stayed mostly because of the guys in the locker room. Boy wouldn't that be sad if he got cut after training camp? (

The 49ers were among the 28 teams that voted for the post season overtime rule change. It's still flawed, but I guess it's better. I just don't see why it's not in the regular season as well. I still say a footrace between the teams' punters should decide who wins or gets the initial kickoff. (

WR Josh Morgan and FS Dashon Goldson were among the league leaders in performance based pay.(

The latest bump in the front office shakes some things up. (

49ers free agent target, G Chester Pitts is going to be visiting with the Seahawks. (

Uncertainty and chaos are what the 49ers do best? Didn't read this article but it just screams "yeah, OK." to me. (

The 49ers have put over one million dollars into their pro-stadium campaign. (

Be sure to check out Sando's latest Mailbag post. (