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Rumor Mill Update: Reports of Eagles offer of Donovan McNabb to Rams

The rumor mill is in overdrive at the moment as the Philadelphia Inquirer is reporting that the Eagles have placed an offer on the table that would send Donovan McNabb to the St. Louis Rams for the Rams 2nd round draft pick (#33 overall) and Oshiomogho "O.J." Atogwe. Part of such a deal would apparently be contingent on McNabb agreeing to a contract extension with the Rams (and he'd apparently be amenable to this). At the same time, Pro Football Talk is reporting that a Rams source contends there is zero truth to this rumor.

Who knows what the odds are of this deal actually happening, but it's certainly an interesting one. I have a couple questions about such a deal, or any deal that sends McNabb to the Rams. If you're St. Louis and are trying to rebuild, McNabb would seem to accelerate this process. However, is the team in a position to take advantage of having McNabb on the roster? I realize it should would improve the team, but if they still have huge holes to fill across the board, is it worth sacrificing the 33rd pick and Atogwe, both of which they could build around? Of couse, this is assuming Atogwe returns to the team.

As for the Eagles, if they're convinced they need to unload McNabb, they'd certainly be getting a talented (albeit injury-prone) safety in return, and a nice pick in the draft. Of course, this is also assuming they really do want to unload McNabb. That's been both a great relationship and a toxic one. I'm really curious to see how the McNabb drama plays out between now and the beginning of the season. Will McNabb be an Eagle come week 1 of the regular season?