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Our incorrect report on the 49ers signing Chester Pitts

Earlier this evening a post went up stating that the 49ers had signed offensive guard Chester Pitts. That information is NOT correct. Chester Pitts has NOT signed with the San Francisco 49ers. He still might sign with the 49ers, but it has not yet happened. I realize there is a FanPost addressing this issue, but I felt given the quick spread of the information, that a front page retraction was necessary.

In our blogging platform, all the front-page writers have the ability to write up a post and either post it right away, save it as a draft, or schedule it to post on a future date and time. We had a post ready to go for if the 49ers signed Chester Pitts and it accidentally posted, when it should have been saved as a draft.

Now, it's not like we had a post related to the 49ers trading for Donovan McNabb, or something big like that. It was only Chester Pitts after all. Nonetheless, I realize people visit this site to get as accurate of information as possible. So, even though it wasn't a misprint of a monster signing, it's still important that I address the situation. The most important thing this site has is credibility, and anything that hurts that credibility is not good for the site. So, I apologize for the confusion and incorrect information.